Moe's House is a limited-time premium building that was released on April 13, 2016, as part of the Spring Cleaning 2016 Promotion, where it was offered with a rebate of 40 Donuts.

It was offered with a rebate of 30 Donuts on November 25, 2016, during Day 1 of the Black Friday 2016 Promotion.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Write Epic Poetry - 16h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Dig Out a Basement - 8h

Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Moe Shocked Icon Aw, the judge sent me a restraining order against peeping on people in bushes. And that was my favorite job!
Moe Sneaky Icon Guess it's time for a new hobby. What do disgusting loners like me enjoy?
Moe Icon Of course, writing poetry! All I need is a dark pit to do it in. And maybe a skull with a candle in it.

Trivia Edit

  • Only one can be obtained.
  • It can be placed on grass or pavement.

Gallery Edit

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