Mistletoe (Mistletoe Currency Icon) was a limited time currency available during the Winter 2015 Event's Act 2. It is used for unlocking the Act's Personal Prizes.

Mistletoe could be collected by completing certain quests, tapping Merrymakers, rewarded from jobs at upgradable items released with the event and rewarded from some new buildings as income tax.


Prize Mistletoe to Collect
Picture on a Rembrandt Mistletoe Currency Icon2850
Abercrombie & Rich Mistletoe Currency Icon10250
Chocolate Shoppe Mistletoe Currency Icon19250
Buckingham Pay-Less Motel Mistletoe Currency Icon27450
Festivus CBG Mistletoe Currency Icon35250

Trivia Edit

  • The icon the game uses is a holly, but calls it a mistletoe. Mistletoe has smooth, and white, yellowish, or light green berries depending on the species.
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