Everything's coming up Milhouse!
— Milhouse's unlock message

Milhouse Van Houten is the second child character to be unlocked chronologically in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, preceded by Lisa, and followed by Bart and Martin. He is also the first character to not have a voice actor.

About Edit

Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten (born July 1) is Bart Simpson's best friend. As the only child of Kirk and Luann, Milhouse's most distinctive physical traits are his blue hair, big nose and extreme nearsightedness (depicted by very small eyes), requiring thick glasses to correct. He has average intelligence but very poor social skills. Although devious in his own way, Milhouse is quite gullible, which is why he is often led into trouble by Bart, who is not shy about taking advantage of the other's naivete. Milhouse appears as a Masterbuilder in The Lego Movie. He also appears in the new Simpsons Lego sets.

Despite being considered a nerd, Milhouse is of average intelligence (IQ ~100) but has poor social skills. He is also very clumsy, thus he is constantly led into trouble by the mischievous Bart, who is not shy about taking advantage of his naive, trusting and loyal friend. He also has a pet called Puppy Goo Goo and apparently is secretly in love with Mrs. Krabappel.

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Jobs Edit

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Try to Impress Lisa Junk Currency Icon50 30s Springfield Dump Check
Hide Wet Bedsheets Cash3
45s Van Houten House Nope
Consumer Test Products Smart Device Indicator1
5m Institute of Technology Nope
Find Puppy Goo-Goo Cash17
10m Van Houten House Nope
Loiter at Android's Dungeon Cash40
30m Android's Dungeon Nope
Attend a Convention Cash40
30m Convention Center Nope
Shop at Kwik E Mart Cash70
60m Kwik-E-Mart Nope
Watch Bart Play Larry the Looter Cash70
60m Wall E. Weasel's Nope
Enter the Asylum Cash175
2h Springfield Asylum Nope
Paintball in Brown House Cash110
2h Brown House Nope
Gather Plastic Plastic Currency Icon10 2h Plastic Depot Check
Fly Scale Model Perfectly Level Cash175
4h - Check
Go To School Cash225
6h Springfield Elementary Nope
Assault the Bandit Fort Cash420
8h Bandit Fort Nope
Fly a Kite Cash275
8h - Check
Check out Mylar Baggins Cash275
8h Mylar Baggins Nope
Attend a Book Signing Cash275
8h Springfield Books Nope
Sulk About Fame Cash600
12h Milhouse's Trailer Nope
Go to Sunday School Cash420
12h First Church of Springfield Nope
Celebrate the 'WOD FIR' Cash500
16h The Sunsphere Nope
Hang Out with the Grand Pumpkin Cash550
20h Grand Pumpkin Check
Have a Sleepover Cash600
24h Bart's Treehouse Nope

Level's Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Pull the Fire Alarm Cash17
10m Springfield Elementary The Olive Branch Pt. 3 Nope
Eat at Krusty Burger Cash40
30m Krusty Burger Weekend Dad Pt. 1/16 Nope
Shoplift from the Kwik-E-Mart Cash40
30m Kwik-E-Mart A Victimless Crime Nope
Hide from the Girls Cash70
60m Springfield Elementary The Trouble With Twins Pt. 4 Nope
Play Kickball Cash70
60m Springfield Elementary The Trouble With Twins Pt. 7 Nope
Attend Reform School Cash175
4h Springfield Elementary Crackdown Pt. 5 Nope
Get Psychoanalyzed by Marvin Monroe Cash175
4h Monroe Family Therapy Center, Marvin Monroe The Ungrateful Dead Pt.5 Nope
Go to his Room Cash175
4h Van Houten House Money vs. Milhouse Pt. 2 Nope
Take Krusty to Court Cash175
4h Court House Krusty the Hair Colorist Pt. 3 Nope
Serve Detention Cash225
6h Springfield Elementary Mad With Municipally Funded Power Nope
Browse Herman's Military Antiques Cash275
8h Herman's Military Antiques Customer's Pt. 3 Nope
Clean the School Cash420
12h Springfield Elementary Caught Red Handed Nope
Climb the Sunsphere Cash420
12h The Sunsphere Here Comes The Sunsphere Nope
Go to "Euro-Krustyland" Cash420
12h Channel 6 Kamp Bart Pt. 7 Nope
Go to the Library Cash600
24h Springfield Library The Olive Branch Pt. 2 Nope
Spend the Night at Kamp Krusty Cash1000
24h Kamp Krusty Kamp Bart Pt. 1 Nope
Go Minigolfing Cash600
24h Sir Putt-A-Lot's Bread and Putter Pt. 4 Nope

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Hang Out at the Hangar NARA Certification Stars Indicator1 3h  ? Cheap Space Homer Nope
Search for R.O.S.A Parts Cash175
4h Control Building The End of the Beginning Pt. 16 Nope

Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Attend Court Hearing Cash175
4h Court House Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 7 Nope
Browse for Tattoos Cash175
4h My First Tattoo My First Tattoo Nope
Browse the Itchy and Scratchy Store Cash175
4h Itchy & Scratchy Store They Fight and Buy-It Nope
Go to the Crypto Barn Cash175
4h Crypto Barn Loads of Codes Nope
Go to Stu's Disco Cash275
8h Stu's Disco Saturday Night Fever Pt. 4 Nope
Eat at the Frying Dutchman Cash275
8h The Frying Dutchman The Frying Dutchman Pt. 1 Nope
Eat at Luigi's Cash275
8h Luigi's Running with the Bullies Pt. 16 Nope
Eat at Fleet-A-Pita Cash420
12h Fleet-A-Pita Van The Investorettes Pt. 3/4 Nope
Storm the Police Station Cash420
12h Police Station Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 5 Nope
Serve Time Cash600
24h Springfield Penitentiary Crackdown Pt. 3 Nope
Protest Cash600
24h Channel 6 Two Extra Eyes On Springfield Pt. 4 Nope

Krustyland Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Eat at Krustland Burger Krustylandticket12
30m Krustyland Burger Nope
Visit the Gift Shop Krustylandticket21
60m Gift Shop Nope
Ride Radioactive Man Ride Krustylandticket52
4h Radioactive Man: The Ride Nope
Take Part in a Sing-Along Krustylandticket82
8h Sleeping Itchy's Castle Nope
Ride the Happy Elves Ride Krustylandticket105
10h Happy Little Elves Ride Nope
Watch the Stunt Show Krustylandticket126
12h Wet & Smokey Stunt Show Nope
Ride the Twirl ‘n’ Hurl Krustylandticket166
16h Twirl ‘n’ Hurl Nope
Ride Mount Krustmore Krustylandticket300
24h Mt. Krustmore Nope

Limited Time

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Attend a Wake for Thanksgiving Cash175
4h Simpson House Thankless Thanksgiving Pt. 5 Nope
Attend Homer's Football Bash Cash175
4h Simpson House Stupor Bowl Sunday Nope
Tell A Spooky Story S'mores Currency Icon4, Gummies Currency Icon4, OR Candy Apples Currency Icon4
Ico thoh2015 tappablebunny md4
4h Spooky Campfire Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event Check
Eat at Phineas Q. Butterfat's Cash275
8h Phineas Q. Butterfat's Valentine's Day Pt. 12 Nope
Sneak into the Control Building Cash275
8h Control Building Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins Pt. 13 Nope
Go Trick or Treating Bronzebag2 OR Silverbag2 OR Goldbag2 8h Check
Make Milhouse Send a Valentine to Lisa Cash100
8h Van Houten House Fission Impossible Pt. 2 Nope
Get bullied by a snake Snake Currency Icon5
12h Whacking Day Pt. 8 Check
Build a House of Gift Cards Gift Card Currency Icon42
12h Van Houten House Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 9 Nope
Go Trick-or-Treating Treat Currency Icon1
Goo Currency Icon 8
16h The Black Hole Pt. 4 Check
Follow and Stare at Lisa Heartsicon 30
XP 70
16h Lisa Return to Sender Check

Jobs Involved Edit

Level's Quest Based Jobs

Lisa Simpson

  • Hold Hands With Milhouse - 15m

Costumes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Milhouse was the only character in the Kids collection. This was perceived as a joke on Milhouse's social exclusion. However, when Martin Prince and then other kids were added after consecutives updates, it stopped the joke.
  • Milhouse's parents were introduced in the Level 37 update. Both have been added to a new character collection, Van Houtens, but Milhouse has not been added to this category, being for now the only Van Houten that is not part of that collection.
  • When Trick-or-treating during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event, he appears in an astronaut costume.
  • Milhouse was the only character voiced by a recurring cast member to be in the initial release.

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