Metal (Metal) was currency during the Monorail 2015 Event. For those that participated in the event, it can still be earned and used.

As soon as A Rail of One City Pt. 7 has been completed, and the Metal Depot built, players, can use Junk previously harvested at the Springfield Dump at the Metal Depot to complete Projects at the Project Board in order to get the event's Personal Prizes and after the event, Extra Tracks.

Characters qualified to Gather Metal[edit | edit source]

* Each task takes 60 minutes, takes place as the Metal Depot, and costs 100 Junk.

Character Task Rewards
Lisa Gather Metal Metal10
Ned Gather Metal Metal10
Hippie Gather Metal Metal10
Krusty Gather Metal Metal10
Mr. Burns Gather Metal Metal10
Rev. Lovejoy Gather Metal Metal10
Brandine Gather Metal Metal15
Jesse Grass Gather Metal Metal15
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