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Meet My Trophy Life (Act 3) is a limited time main questline released on July 13, 2015, during the Tap Ball 2015 Event's Act 3.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 11 Make Lisa Invent More Rules 24h Cash100, Experience10 Homer
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 12 Make Homer Create a Tap Ball Scandal
Make Tap Ball Players Drink at Moe's (x7)
Cash100, Experience10 Homer
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 13 Tap Ball Players Play in the Championship Game (x4) 24h Cash100, Experience10 Homer


Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 11[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Happy Icon.png "Co-operative Tap Ball is a hit, sweetie! Now it's time to reward yourself by inventing a slew of arbitrary rules."
Soccer Lisa Icon.png "Really? Well, okay. I guess it'd be nice if we could encourage players to be nice to each other."
Homer Icon.png "Great! Rule one: any player who isn't smiling gets ejected and receives a lifetime ban."
Soccer Lisa Surprised Icon.png "Rule two: when a player scores, the other team must congratulate her, and they have to mean it."
Soccer Lisa Surprised Icon.png "If she feels like maybe they're faking, the game is over."
Homer Icon.png "You're doing it, honey! You're power-mad!"
Soccer Lisa Happy Icon.png "This is fun! Rule three: if you like a boy on the other team, he has to like you back!"
Homer Happy Icon.png "Now we're playing some sports!"

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 12[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Thoughtful Icon.png "People seem to be losing interest in Tap Ball. What do I do now?"
Willie Icon.png "Ach! No sport is interesting for very long without a wee scandal. Got any cheaters in your league?"
Homer Icon.png "Cheating is part of the game. Literally. If you don't cheat, it's a two-stroke penalty."
Homer Icon.png "But what about a good PDD scandal?"
Willie Icon.png "What's a PDD?"
Homer Icon.png "Performance-degrading drugs. By which I mean beer. Hey everybody! Follow me to Moe's! We've got a match tonight!"

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 13[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon.png "Gather ‘round, team. Tonight is the championship match."
Homer Icon.png "Before we go out there, I want to say how proud I am of you. We've faced a lot of adversity this season."
Homer Icon.png "I'm not one for inspiring speeches, but as the team's leader, and a God-like figure in your eyes, I know you crave my peerless leadership."
Homer Icon.png "Let's leave it all on the field tonight, guys. Let's have no regrets."
Homer Icon.png "Whatever happens in the next ten innings, and the subsequent six quarters, I know you'll give me everything you've got."
Homer Serious Icon.png "And I'll make you this promise:"
Homer Serious Icon.png "That come what may, I'm going to keep changing the rules so that we win 1000-0."
Homer Sarcastic Icon.png "There is literally no way for us to lose. We've already won. So do whatever you want out there."
Homer Sarcastic Icon.png "I honestly don't care if you even show up. We will still win. By a lot."
Homer Furious Icon.png "So let's get out there and DO THIS!!!!!!"