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Meet My Trophy Life (Act 1) is a limited time main questline released on June 23, 2015, during the Tap Ball 2015 Event's Act 1.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 1 Make Lisa Watch Soccer
Make Homer Watch Soccer
Cash100, Experience10 Auto
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 2 Build the Grass Field
Build the Stadium Entrance
Cash100, Experience10 Homer
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 3 Make Homer Pander to Sponsors 3m Cash100, Experience10 Homer
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 4 Make Homer Invent More Rules (x4) 6s (x4) Cash100, Experience10
Unlock for FREE: Referee Homer and Soccer Lisa
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 5 Tap Fans (x15) - Cash100, Experience10 Homer
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 6 Make Tap Ball Players Practice (x4)
Upgrade Soccer Lisa (x1) and Referee Homer (x1)
Cash100, Experience10 Homer
Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 7 Complete Daily Training - Cash100, Experience10 Homer


Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 1[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png "Can you believe it, Dad? The World Cup is in full swing!"
Homer Icon.png "I know! It's yachting's biggest event!"
Lisa Curious Icon.png "No, that's the AMERICA'S Cup. And it's stupid. I'm talking about the--"
Homer Icon.png "So much drama! Which billionaire will rise to the challenge, and hire the best sailor to drive his catamaran?"
Homer Icon.png "I'll be glued to the TV!"
Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "I'm talking about the Women's World Cup of soccer!"
Homer Icon.png "Oh. That's the sport where some dudes--"
Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "--women, in this case--"
Homer Sarcastic Icon.png "--kick a ball around until one of them fakes an injury the best and a winner is declared?"
Lisa Nagging Icon.png "Let's just watch the game."

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 2[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Passedout Icon.png "*snores*"
Lisa Shouting Icon.png "Dad, wake up!"
Homer Confused Icon.png "Why? Did somebody finally score a soccer goal?"
Lisa Icon.png "Almost! ...but then no."
Homer Icon.png "Exciting stuff. This sport could really use some cheerleaders and hockey fights."
Lisa Icon.png "Soccer is the single most popular sport in the world! Bigger than motorcycle polo and bear baiting COMBINED."
Homer Icon.png "Which confirms what I've always said: the world is an idiot."
Homer Dreamy Icon.png "It's time for a new sport! A better sport!"

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 3[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Happy Icon.png "Have you ever longed for a sport that combines the thrill of selecting a team with the fun of waiting for a long time between matches?"
Lisa Curious Icon.png "Not at all."
Homer Happy Icon.png "Then say hello to Tap Ball!"
Homer Icon.png "Tap Ball takes the best parts of other sports -- dribbling, the infield fly rule, an epidemic of concussions --"
Homer Icon.png "-- and adds the excitement of watching people play second-rate video games!"
Lisa Sad Icon.png "That sounds confusing and terrible."
Homer Happy Icon.png "Best of all, the only equipment you need is a smartphone, thirteen balls of varying size, bats made of glass..."
Homer Icon.png "...some chalk to mark the many end zones, a quaffle, Kevlar body armor and a greedy, narcissistic owner to screw it all up!"
Lisa Sad Icon.png "The town library is crumbling, and you got a Tap Ball stadium built in no time at all."
Homer Happy Icon.png "It's easy, when you sell the naming rights. Welcome to Duff Beer Krusty Burger Buzz Cola Costington's Department Store Kwik-E-Mart Stupid Flanders Park! "
Homer Happy Icon.png "Duff gets to be first because they gave us the most money."
Homer Happy Icon.png "People are gonna love it!"

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 4[]


Character Dialogue
Lisa Curious Icon.png "So what are the rules of Tap Ball?"
Homer Icon.png "You ready for this? Because it's gonna blow your mind. The only rule of Tap Ball is..."
Homer Serious Icon.png "...THERE..."
Homer Serious Icon.png "...ARE..."
Homer Serious Icon.png "...NO..."
Homer Happy Icon.png "...more than sixty-seven rules. With attached sub-rules, notes, and clarifications."

End (1st done)[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon.png "Rule one: a three-point shot is worth five points."
Homer Icon.png "Rule two: attire is business casual, no underwear."

End (2nd done)[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Happy Icon.png "Rule three: with one minute to go in the eighth quarter, the score is always tied. So it's more exciting."
Homer Icon.png "Rule four: punching, whether of opponents or teammates, shall be worth two runs."

End (3rd done)[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon.png "Rule five: every player must keep both feet on the floor at all times. When running, a hand must also be on the floor."
Homer Icon.png "Rule six: only the player with the ball may cry."
Homer Icon.png "Rule seven: defense loses championships."
Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "I think I get it."
Homer Icon.png "I'm not done yet!"

End (4th done)[]

Character Dialogue
Soccer Lisa Icon.png "Dad, I have to admit. There’s a puncher’s chance this new sport of yours will catch on."
Soccer Lisa Icon.png "In that case, I’d like its first bona fide star to be a woman. Sign me up."
Homer Icon.png "Great! You’ll play the critical position of center left forward back. Your job is to feed me alley-oops."
Soccer Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "I thought you were the referee."
Homer Icon.png "I’m both! And that’s how I’ll ensure I’m also the greatest Tap Ball player ever. It’s why Babe Ruth was a baseball umpire."
Soccer Lisa Icon.png "Baseball is the least important thing in the universe to me, but I’m fairly certain that’s not true."
Homer Serious Icon.png "My game, my rules!"
At this point, the player will see Referee Homer and Soccer Lisa unlocked for FREE.
— Editor's Message

At this point, the the event is officially launched. The player will now be able to play Tap Ball.

The game will show him the event guides through his first match with the side quest : Balls of Glory.

— Editor's Message

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 5[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Sad Icon.png "Attendance at last night's Tap Ball game was only 6 people."
Homer Icon.png "While that's superior to most MLB games, it is concerning."
Homer Icon.png "Attention everyone! Tap Ball stadium is open, and everyone can watch for free!"
Pin Pal Apu Annoyed Icon.png "Free? Mr. Simpson, as one of your sponsors, I do not see how that is a good idea."
Homer Sarcastic Icon.png "Good sir, I assure you it's all a scam. My motives toward our fans are purely evil."
Pin Pal Apu Happy Icon.png "Phew. So it's like every other sport."
Homer Sarcastic Icon.png "Not exactly."
Homer Icon.png "See Tap Ball is free to try, but then we lure people into buying foam fingers and hats and other useless overpriced stuff that costs real money."
Apu Icon.png "So like every other sport, except that it's free to try?"
Homer Icon.png "No, it's completely differ-- oh hey, you're right. Man, this freemium model has been around forever."

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 6[]


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon.png "Great game, everybody! I saw a lot of effort out there."
Homer Angry Icon.png "Except for you, Flanders! You stink. Don't ask me why."
Homer Angry Icon.png "And your moustache also stinks. It played really lousy today."
Ned Icon.png "Appreciate the constructive criticism, coachareeno! Maybe I can train a little more to get better."
Earn Amateur Bucks through practice jobs and Tap Ball games. Spend your earnings to upgrade your Tap Ball players.
— In-Game Message

Upgrading players allows you to face off against stronger opponents for better rewards.
— In-Game Message

Upgrading your Tap Ball players also helps your merchandising reach more fans, so don't forget to keep training!
— In-Game Message

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 7[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Sad Icon.png "It's hard being a team owner, manager and athlete at the same time."
Homer Sad Icon.png "How will I find time to improve the stadium, yell at my teammates, drink and nap?"
Soccer Lisa Icon.png "Sounds like you need a schedule. You should plan your day, make a time table for yourself and others."
Homer Confused Icon.png "Schedules? Time tables? Numbers? These things shouldn't exist in sports."