I told you I'd be back!
— McBain's unlock message.

McBain is a premium costume available to purchase for Rainier Wolfcastle. The player can obtain the costume by building the Film Set for 120 donuts.

He was part of a deal with the Film Set during the Black Friday 2015 Promotion.

About[edit | edit source]

McBain is a former cop. He eventually stumbled upon evidence that implicated Senator Mendoza of running a drug cartel. He then ran his limo off the cliff, snapped the necks of three of his body guards and drove a bus to his front door. He was reprimanded by his boss, the captain of the precinct, and he tried to explain that he had very good reasons to do that, due to his running a cartel. However, he would not hear him out, and he then decided to kick him out of the squad. McBain then punched the captain out of the window in retaliation.

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Jobs[edit | edit source]

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Turn in his Badge Cash105
60m Police Station Nope.png
Host Up Late With McBain Cash260
4h Channel 6 Nope.png
Battle Commie Nazis Cash420
8h - Check.png
Go Undercover Cash600
12h - Check.png
Find Intel at the Track Cash750
16h Springfield Downs Nope.png
Flight Climatic Battle Cash1000
24h Film Set Check.png

Limited Time

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Drink Craft Beer Cash260
4h O'Flanagan's Pub O'Flan-again Pt. 4 & Pt. 5 Nope.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The character was originally referred to both within the show and by the production team as McBain, taken from the role he portrayed in the fictional action film franchise. However, for a short time, The Simpsons could not use the McBain name because a movie of the same name (unrelated to The Simpsons character) was released in 1991. During this time, the movie's producers refused to give Twentieth Century Fox and Matt Groening's production company clearance to use the "McBain" name, so the name of Rainier Wolfcastle was used to sidestep this. Later, the use of "McBain" as both Wolfcastle's alter-ego and continuing series of films returned to the show.
  • This is the one of three costumes that are not limited time, they can be bought in the store at any time, but they are premium items.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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