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Mars Won is a limited time questline released on January 21st, 2016 with the Deep Space Homer 2016 Event. This quest requires the player to have unlocked Quimby to start.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Mars Won Pt. 1 Place the Launch Pad --- Cash100
Mars Won Pt. 2 Make Homer Look for Keys 6s Cash100
Comic Book Guy
Mars Won Pt. 3 Make Homer Build an Atomic Missile 6s Cash100


Mars Won Pt. 1[]


Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon.png Science. What is it? And why is it out to kill us? We have Professor Frink with the frightening details.
Professor Frink Icon.png Yes Kent, an asteroid appears to be on track to hit Springfield in approximately 42,000 years.
Professor Frink Icon.png However, there is nothing to worry about. By my calculations, human life will have been extinct for 41,999 years by then.
Brockman Icon.png So, would you say this is the doing of our Martian Insect Overlords?
Professor Frink Icon.png Well, it's extremely unlikely any intelligent alien life originated on Mars.
Brockman Icon.png There you have it folks! Aliens have conquered Mars, and are now attacking Earth with asteroids.
Quimby Angry Icon.png Not on my watch! Quick, someone build a rocket launch pad and hang a ‘Mission Accomplished' banner on it.


Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon.png The launch pad is built, but will our town be saved? But first, this just in... my mouth: a bite of Springfield's first pizza baked exclusively by cats!

Mars Won Pt. 2[]


Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon.png If a slew of similar sci-fi movies has taught us anything, it's that the best way to deal with asteroids is atomic bombs!
Mr. Burns Icon.png Atomic bombs, eh? I'd be glad to sell you one from my stockpile... in exchange for not being arrested for having a stockpile of atomic bombs.
Quimby Icon.png Do you have a problem if the bomb is purchased with funds earmarked for orphans?
Mr. Burns Diabolical Icon.png I prefer it!
Homer Guilty Icon.png Umm, Mr. Burns. I'm afraid I lost the key to the atomic bomb storage slash seasonal firework emporium, but I'm sure it's around here somewhere.


Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon.png You know, NARA is now accepting astronaut auditions if any of you gentlemen are interested.
Barney Icon.png I used to be an astronaut, but I gave it up to pursue my dream job -- being a drunk.
Professor Frink Icon.png If you want to become an astronaut again, I could help. I am a trained member of the National Astronomics and Radiation Association or NARA. I could be your sports professor.
Barney Icon.png Do you mean coach?
Professor Frink Happy Icon.png Yes! That's what it's called. How about one last drink before training to celebrate?
Barney Icon.png Sure! Moe, I'd like a keg to stay please.
Check out the store for Astronaut Barney and other space themed decorations.
— System Message.

Mars Won Pt. 3[]


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon.png What brave soul is going to detonate the bomb by riding on it like a cowboy?
Professor Frink Icon.png You do realize that you don't need to ride a bomb like a cowboy to make it go off, don't you?
Homer Annoyed Icon.png Well NOW I do.
Professor Frink Icon.png All we really need is an unmanned missile to hit the asteroid and destroy it.
Homer Icon.png I'll build it! I have been looking for a new hobby.
Professor Frink Icon.png Really? Because you said you were all booked up when I asked you to join my “Can you build a robot that feels?” team.
Professor Frink Sad Icon.png We got eighth place. The robot took it really hard.


Character Dialogue
Bart Curious Icon.png Some sort of rod shaped object was blown into space.
Professor Frink Icon.png My spectral analysis of the object reveals that the rod was both carbon and inanimate!
Comic Book Guy Surprised Icon.png Not the Inanimate Carbon Rod! He's a hero!
Rod Icon.png I was named after him.
Todd Icon.png I learned about how he and Jesus walked on the moon in science class.
Professor Frink Icon.png I was able to connect to the Hoyvin Glaven satellite and saw the rod peacefully convince the asteroid to move out of the way of Springfield.
Agnes Icon.png If I was twenty years younger and it was legal to marry inanimate objects, I'd marry that rod.
Moe Sad Icon.png How's a Moe like this supposed to compete with a rod like that? Might as well give up and let myself go.
Moe Icon.png Annnnd… done.
Quimby Proud Icon.png In honor of the rod, I proudly announce that without any proper procedure or legislative oversight, Springfield will start a space program led by Professor Frink!
Professor Frink Icon.png I'll be following the NARA certification process to a ‘T', which is NARA's third most regulated letter.
Get official NARA approval for your space program by earning NARA certification stars.
— System Message.