Marge Point is a limited time side quest chain involving the character Marge Simpson and her Tennis Marge's new costume released on July 3, 2015, during the Tap Ball 2015 Event's Act 2.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Marge Point Pt. 1 Make Tennis Marge Search the Basement for a Hobby 4h Cash100, XP10 Marge
Marge Point Pt. 2 Make Tennis Marge Crabwalk 24h Cash100, XP10 Marge
Marge Point Pt. 3 Make Tennis Marge Ask Lisa * to Play Tennis
Make Tennis Marge Ask Apu * to Play Tennis
Make Tennis Marge Ask Homer * to Play Tennis
* They are not required to perform the taks
Cash100, XP10 Marge
Marge Point Pt. 4 Make Tennis Marge Practice Serving 4h Cash100, XP10 Marge


Marge Point Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Marge Angry Icon "How come I'm never included in all these fun things that happen in Springfield?"
Lisa Icon "Well, you were the last family member to appear in the game."
Lisa Icon "We have to structure quests so that new players don't see you before they've unlocked you."
Marge Sad Icon "So I'm being hamstrung by creative decisions we made years ago, when we didn’t think this game would even last a month?"
Lisa Icon "Uh..."
Lisa Icon "You know what might pick you up, Mom? If you found a sports-y thing to do of your own."
Marge Happy Icon "On it!"


Character Dialogue
Marge Icon "Oooh! A tennis racket! Maybe that can be my thing."
Tennis Marge Happy Icon "Probably for the best, since I'm already in a tennis outfit."

Marge Point Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Tennis Marge Icon "If I'm going to play great tennis, I need to work on my movement."
Tennis Marge Icon "Ideally, via a fun animation that will encourage people to use poor, underserved Marge more often..."

Marge Point Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Tennis Marge Icon "Now to convince one of these busy “major” Tapped Out characters to play tennis with me!"

Jobs with Lisa StartedEdit

Character Dialogue
Tennis Marge Happy Icon "Lisa, any time to play some Tennis with your mother?"
Lisa Icon "Can't. Super busy delivering exposition for all the other quests around here."

Jobs with Apu StartedEdit

Character Dialogue
Tennis Marge Icon "Hey, Apu! Care for a game of tennis?"
Apu Angry Icon "I would love to, but I am saddled with back-to-back-to-back 24-hour shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart."
Apu Sad Icon "My time is simply not my own."
Apu Sad Icon "And how I thank the "funny" people behind this game for introducing that 168-hour shift mission. Great stuff, guys!!"

Jobs with Homer StartedEdit

Character Dialogue
Tennis Marge Icon "Homie, you think you can set aside some time for tennis with your beloved?"
Homer Icon "I'd love to, sweetie. But as usual I've got like a thousand missions to set up."
Homer Icon "See, I started this new thing called "Tap Ball". And whenever anyone new gets involved, I have to be part of their story."
Tennis Marge Icon "Oh. Okay, well maybe Lisa has some spare time to play Tennis."
Homer Icon "*sigh* You just don't understand how it works around here, do you?"


Character Dialogue
Tennis Marge Annoyed Icon "Everyone is so busy in this town, how are two people supposed to do something together?"

Marge Point Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Tennis Marge Sad Icon "Well, I guess I'm stuck doing a solo mission. I suppose I could practice tennis for 4 hours."
Tennis Marge Annoyed Icon "What am I saying?! No one plays tennis for 4 hours. You're trying to kill me, EA, aren't you?"
Tennis Marge Annoyed Icon "You're trying to kill America's most beloved TV mom. Shame on you!"


  • Lisa says that Marge is the last family member to appear (at Level 15). It is wrong because it would be Grampa (Level 19), or even Patty and Selma (Level 35).


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