The Make-a-Thing Workshop is a limited-time building that was released during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event. The building was required to launch the event and was used to craft event-related items. After the event, it gave out money like a regular building.

Crafted PrizesEdit

A new feature added in the event was the ability to craft prizes through a separate kind of currency. These items could be obtained mainly by sending kids (Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, etc.) on tasks.

Prize Need to Collect
Bulldozer-saurus* Rottenegg500, Gummybear500, Pumpkin300
Donut Torture Device* Brokenfence200, Candycorn500, Chocolatebar500
Gold Treat Bag Rottenegg50, Brokenfence50
Grand Pumpkin
Pumpkin House
Chocolatebar350, Gummybear400, Pumpkin300
Rottenegg300, Candycorn300, Pumpkin50
Hover-Copter Brokenfence200, Candycorn500, Chocolatebar500
Spooky House
Brokenfence300, Rottenegg300, Candycorn250
Brokenfence300, Gummybear100, Chocolatebar50
Human Test Subject Brokenfence100, Gummybear100, Chocolatebar50
Mutant Peacock* Rottenegg500, Gummybear500, Pumpkin300
Rigellian Shrub Brokenfence50, Candycorn25, Pumpkin20
Rigellian Queen
Rigellian Tribal Hut
Brokenfence400, Rottenegg400, Gummybear300
Candycorn300, Chocolatebar50, Pumpkin50
Spooky Wall Rottenegg20, Candycorn25, Pumpkin10

*Will only appear if it wasn't obtained when the respective currency for the items were available.


  • This building is a parody of the Build-a-Bear Workshop franchise.
  • It does not make a sound when tapped
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