Maison Derriere
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Level required


Characters unlocked



Cash200, XP22

Collection Time

8 hours



Building Time

6 seconds


All the Belles and Whistles


Revealing Petticoats

Conformity Increase

Consumerism: +10

The Maison Derriere is a premium building released with the Level 57 update on September 3, 2015. Upon completion Belle is unlocked.

About Edit

The Maison Derriere is a burlesque house in Springfield. The house was once damaged by Nelson while playing outside with Milhouse's model airplane. The house was rumored to belong to a witch, though some (Ralph) claimed a "Frankenstein" lived there and others (Milhouse) believed it was the home of an evil scientist who creates a race of "super-zombies". Bart ventured onto the property of the house. He climbed onto the roof to retrieve the model airplane but slipped and fell after performing a dance while spelling the word success. Bart found himself working there as a punishment for damaging her property, and it soon transpired that the place was a frequent haunt of many of Springfield's men and Patty. Homer rescued it when an angry mob led by Marge, the Flanders and Reverend Lovejoy threatened to raze it to the ground.

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Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs


  • Tally Up Last Night's Receipts - 60m
  • Lead a Dance Number - 4h
  • Comp a High Roller - 8h
  • Guard Client Confidentiality - 12h

Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Celebrate Wedding Anniversary - 8h

Miss Hoover

  • Work as a Dancer - 10h

Level's Quest Based Jobs


  • Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor - 30m


  • Ponder the Future of Burlesque - 24h

Bernice Hibbert

  • Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor - 30m


  • Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor - 30m

Helen Lovejoy

  • Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor - 30m


  • Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor - 30m


  • Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor - 30m


  • Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor - 30m

Miss Hoover

  • Marvel at Maison Derriere's Decor - 30m

Character Groups

  • Flood into Maison Derriere (x5) - 12h


  • After placing the ...

Maison Derriere Edit

Character Dialogue
Belle Icon "Ah, Springfield, my favorite town for sinning. Leads the nation in creeps, sleazes, deviants, scumbags, slimeballs, smut hounds, and, if I remember correctly, feline obesity."
Belle Icon "Time to reopen my burlesque house. I'll just raise the curtains, lower my standards, and watch the money roll in."

Gallery Edit

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