The Magical Mystery Box is a premium limited-time mystery box that was introduced on October 3, 2017, during the Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Event. It contained items from the previous zombie-themed Treehouse of Horror XXVII Event.

Prizes Edit

Item Chance of Winning Item's Actual Price Unique Item?
Zombie Sandwich Donuts100 Check
Mad Doctor's Castle Megaphone Icon50850 Check
Battle Dome Donuts150 Check
Mutant Rabbit * Donuts75 Check
House on Scary Hill Donuts90 Check
Scary Dock with Blinky Monster Donuts170 Check
Bob's Victorian House ** Donuts100 Check
Drive-In Theater with Space Mutant *** Donuts150 Check
Tenta-Corp HQ *** Gummies Currency Icon9270 Check
Gate to Nowhere *** S'mores Currency Icon9270 Check
Hellementary School Donuts90 Check
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop with Maude Flanders Donuts150 Check

* from Simpsorama Promotional
** from Treehouse of Horror XXVI Promotional
** from Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event

Gallery Edit

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