Lyle Lanley is a non-permanent character appearing on August 11, 2015, during the Monorail 2015 Event. He is part of the first Act, and is a key character to starting the event.

About[edit | edit source]

Lyle Lanley is a con artist that sold project of monorails to several cities in order to leave town with the money before people find out that he sabotaged them.

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Jobs[edit | edit source]

Event's Quest Based

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Put on a Musical Extravaganza Cash3
30s Town Hall OR Simpson House OR Brown House Nope.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is the first (and currently only) character of the former regular guest star Phil Hartman to appear in the game.
  • He was inspired by the charismatic con-man, Professor Harold Hill, from the hit musical The Music Man, portrayed by the late Robert Preston.
    • During his involvement with the quests, he organizes a small musical, a reference to the Prof. Harold Hill.
  • He is removed upon the completion of A Rail of One City Pt. 4.
    • But sometimes, an annoying bug happens where Lyle disappears and appears back after the player relogs. If you tap after this bug triggers, Lyle has no job.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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