Luigi's Quests is a 3-part task line that unlocks Luigi and his Italian restaurant, Luigi's.


Quest Task Time Reward
It's A-Me, Luigi! Reach Level 18 And Build Luigi's 24h Cash100
Unlock: Luigi
Moustache Toppings Make Luigi Visit Jake's Unisex Hair Palace 4h Cash100
A Jolly Right Mess Make Luigi Practice Fake Accent 2h Cash100


It's A Me, Luigi!

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "I'm in the mood for something cheesy, and bread-y... and pizza-saucy."
Bart Icon "How about pizza?"
Homer Icon "Great idea!"
"As long as I don't have to build anything..."

Moustache Toppings

Character Dialogue
Luigi Icon "If my-a moustache gets any longer, it's a gonna catch in-a the dough mixer!"
"That's-a how Mama died!"

A Jolly Right Mess

Character Dialogue
Luigi Icon "Jolly good!"
"A smashing improvement, what what!"
Homer Icon "Luigi?"
"Was that a British accent?"
Luigi Icon "Pardon?"
"Oh, uh... Mama Mia!"
"I'm-a dizzy, from tossing too much Italian-a-style-pizza."
"What-a did I say?"
Homer Icon "Oh, never mind."
"I guess I'll be going."
Luigi Icon "Great Scott, that was a narrow escape!"
"I must remember to practice my idiotic Italian accent."
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