Luigi's is a restaurant in Springfield. It costs 7000 Cash to build, and requires the player to be level 18. Upon building it, Luigi is unlocked.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Don Vittorio

  • Shoot a Spider - 8h

Dr. Hibbert

  • Grab a Slice at Luigi's - 10m

Dr. Nick

  • Grab a Slice at Luigi's - 10m

Fat Tony

  • Have a Dinner Special at Luigi's - 4h

Homer Barbarian

  • Take Lisa Out for Veggie Pizza - 60m


  • Practice Fake Accent - 2h
  • Toss Pizza- 8h 
  • Play the Accordian - 12h
  • Work at Luigi's - 24h

Level's Quest Based Jobs


  • Eat a 3pm Early-Bird Dinner at Luigi’s - 60m

Quest Based Jobs


  • Mess With Luigi's Recipe - 8h

Most Springfielders

  • Eat at Luigi's - 8h

Limited Time

Adult Springfielders

  • Eat at a Restaurant - 4h
  • Overeat - 8h


  • Go On a Date With Cletus - 8h


  • When tapped on, it will have the same sound as Skip's Diner.
  • When someone does a task here, smoke appears from the chimneys.


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