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Lugash-sthetics is a premium, limited time, questline released during The Yellow Badge of Cowardge Promotional. It could only be activated by having unlocked FitTM Milhouse, having purchased Lugash's Gym, and having completed the questline The Cranky Man Can.


Quest Requirements Time
Lugash-sthetics Pt.1 Make Lugash Bring Milhouse to Tears 8h
Lugash-sthetics Pt. 2 Make Milhouse Hide from Lugash in Fear 24h
Lugash-sthetics Pt. 3 Make Milhouse Put in Some Honest Effort (4x) 8h
Lugash-sthetics Pt. 4 Make Milhouse Post Selfies to SpringFace 60m


Lugash-sthetics Pt. 1[]


Character Dialogue
Lugash Icon.png "If it isn’t boy slug! You finally decided you want look like Dragomir, ancient Slavonic God of fitness?"
Milhouse Icon.png "I’d actually like to look like a STRAIGHT version of Dragomir."
Lugash Icon.png "Haha, good joke. Never joke about Dragomir again. So, you will come to Lugash’s gym and train until you cry salty tears of joy?"
Milhouse Icon.png "Bring it, chump. You heard me."


Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon.png "….48…..49…..50! *Huff*….*wheeze*…so….tired…..feel like…vomiting."
Lugash Icon.png WHAT?! You only walk up staircase leading to gymnasium! The fun is not beginning yet!

Lugash-sthetics Pt. 2[]

Character Dialogue
Lugash Icon.png "The sight of chubby American boy, flabby little legs and soft buttery arms fill Lugash with UNCONTROLLABLE RAGE! Good thing anger management make Lugash more understanding. Lugash use pain management technique, focus on positive reinforcement, avoid more prison time. Instead of pain, Lugash promise you nice home made meal…"
Comic Book Guy Icon.png "Yes, hello, sorry to intrude, but did someone say “meal?” Because I’m a big fan."
Lugash Icon.png "Get out. See Milhouse, that is what you will become if you not get in shape."
Comic Book Guy Icon.png "I’m big-boned."
Lugash Icon.png "You are FAT-boned, and fat everything-elsed. Anger returning, not so managed now. Go away. Enough chit-chat boy slug! Time for your first 10-kilometer sprint!"
Milhouse Icon.png "Kilometer? What’s that? Do you mean mile?"
Lugash Icon.png NO! LUGASH MEAN KILOMETER! Lugash civilized and only accept metric units of measurement! Now start running before Lugash prod you with fifty-centimeter electric cattle fork!

Lugash-sthetics Pt. 3[]


Character Dialogue
Lugash Icon.png "Oh look! Here is chubby American boy! Why you hide from Lugash when Lugash only mean well?"
Milhouse Icon.png "I’m sorry Lugash. I don’t know what came over me."
Lugash Icon.png "Liar, you killing time because you no want exercise. Now get to running before old friend cattle prod say hello again!"


Character Dialogue
Lugash Icon.png "You doing well! Lugash almost proud! That closest Lugash ever get to actual proud. Okay, no rest, do again."

Lugash-sthetics Pt. 4[]

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon.png "Lugash’s exercise regime has me looking as ripped as Rip Van Winkle!"
Lisa Icon.png "Didn't he just sleep for 20 years?"
Milhouse Icon.png "Yes. And that’s why I’ll be turning out the lights when I’m taking ‘the new me’ selfies for posting on Springface."