Low Expectations is a premium side questline released on February 24, 2017, during the Destination Springfield 2017 Event. It requires the premium character Ronaldo.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Low Expectations Pt. 1 Make Ronaldo Parade as a Flamingo 8h Cash100
Low Expectations Pt. 2 Reach Level 12 & Build Bart's Treehouse*
Make Bart Move Into the Orphanage
Make Ronaldo Move in with the Simpsons
Low Expectations Pt. 3 Make Ronaldo Fight Homer for Food 4h Cash100
Low Expectations Pt. 4 Make Ronaldo Go To School 4h Cash100
Low Expectations Pt. 5 Make Bart Hang out at the Orphanage
Make Ronaldo Parade as a Flamingo

*Will not appear if the player already unlocked Bart.

Dialogue Edit

Low Expectations Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Surprised Icon Ronaldo, my old penpal from Brazil! What are you doing here?
Ronaldo Icon Your Mayor brought me here to parade around town in my flamingo costume.
Lisa Happy Icon That'll cheer the town up!
Ronaldo Sad Icon Don't get too excited. He also opened a local branch of my home,“The Filthy Angels Orphanage”.

Low Expectations Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Embarrassed Icon Mom, my orphan friend Ronaldo is living in Springfield. Can we adopt him?
Ronaldo Happy Icon Oh, that would be wonderful! To live with a proper American family.
Homer Serious Icon Not so fast! If we're getting a new son, I want to trade in the old one.
Lisa Curious Icon Wait, you're saying Ronaldo moves in to our house, and Bart goes to the orphanage?!
Bart Icon Suits me. At least there I won't have to listen to a fat man choking on too many pork chops.

Low Expectations Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Apu Icon So, Ronaldo, how do you like being adopted by the Simpsons?
Ronaldo Sad Icon I'm very hungry. At dinner the food is all eaten before I've even had a chance to unfold my napkin.
Ronaldo Sad Icon Even at the orphanage I got three solid bowls of gruel a day.

Low Expectations Pt. 4 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon Are you excited, Ronaldo? It's your first day of school at Springfield Elementary.
Ronaldo Icon I'm a little scared. I'm the new boy. What if I don't make any friends?
Milhouse Icon Don't worry about that! Consider me your new bestie.
Ronaldo Sad Icon Now I'm really worried.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon Ronaldo, you're in fourth grade but your math and reading skills are those of an eighth grader.
Ronaldo Happy Icon Yes, the Holy Sisters of my orphanage felt that nothing was more important than education.
Lisa Embarrassed Icon Um, mom, can I go be an orphan?

Low Expectations Pt. 5 Edit

Character Dialogue
Ronaldo Sad Icon Lisa, after spending time in your house and school, I think I'd rather be an orphan in a flamingo costume.
BrazilianNun Sad Icon Yes, please take Bart back. He's a terrible example for our children.
BrazilianNun Annoyed Icon He's disobedient, disrespectful, and he spray-painted “Mother Superior is a wiener” on the garden wall.
Bart Sneaky Icon Hey, it was an honest criticism. I love the place and I want to make it better.
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