The Love Bench is a decoration available to be won on the Wheel of Friendship during the Valentine's Day 2014 Event.

It since has returned during the Valentine's Day 2016 Event, the Valentine's 2018 Promotion and the Love, Springfieldian Style 2019 Event as part of the Bundle of Love.

Trivia Edit

  • When Krustyland was in the game, this could be placed there.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Feed Pigeons - 60m

Baby Homer

  • Dwink Lemonade - 4h


  • Loiter with an Adult Magazine - 24h

Don Vittorio

  • Relax with his Cat - 4h

Dr. Robert

  • Read Medical Texts - 4h

Festivus CBG

  • Feats of Strength - 8h

Gabbo and Arthur

  • Have a Conversation with "Himself" - 60m


  • Take a Nap - 6h
  • Feed the birds - 8h


  • Play On Her Laptop - 8h


  • Sleep Under a newspaper - 12h


  • Cross Stitch - 24h

Mona (with Grampa)

  • Feed the birds - 8h

Mrs. Bouvier

  • Knit - 24h

Mrs. Sinclair

  • Do Nothing of Any Interest - 8h


  • Nap on a Bench - 4h

Programmer Lisa

  • Code Under the Sun - 8h

Roger Myers Jr.

  • Relax With a Cigar - 4h

Stacy Lovell

  • Test Products - 60m

White Witch Burns

  • Sit and Brood - 12h


  • Siesta - 60m
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