Long Protein Strings (Proteinstrand) were the third prize currency from the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event. For each Rigellian tapped, players earned 5 Long Protein Strings. Players could also earn Long Protein Strings from visiting neighbors, earning 1 Long Protein String for the first 90 actions per day.

If the Rigellian Hunting License was bought by the player, they could've earned more Long Protein Strings from squishing Rigellians.

Long Protein String Prize Track Edit

Below is a table showing what prizes could be won after collecting enough Long Protein Strings.

Prize Need to Collect
Silver Treat Bag Proteinstrand650
Gold Treat Bag Proteinstrand1600
Silver Treat Bag Proteinstrand2250
Diet Sign Proteinstrand6000
Silver Treat Bag Proteinstrand6650
Gold Treat Bag Proteinstrand7600
Silver Treat Bag Proteinstrand8250
Gold Treat Bag Proteinstrand9200
Gold Treat Bag Proteinstrand10150
U.B.O. Proteinstrand14900

Need to Collect Edit

The following chart shows how many Long Protein Strings were needed to be collected at the end of each day in order to get the top prize listed above.

Date Need to Collect
October 31 Proteinstrand1242
November 1 Proteinstrand2484
November 2 Proteinstrand3726
November 3 Proteinstrand4986
November 4 Proteinstrand6210
November 5 Proteinstrand7452
November 6 Proteinstrand8694
November 7 Proteinstrand9936
November 8 Proteinstrand11178
November 9 Proteinstrand12420
November 10 Proteinstrand13662
November 11 Proteinstrand14900
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