Lisa Smash and Bash! is a side questline that was released on June 28, 2016 for the Superheroes 2016 Event. It requires Clobber Girl, a costume for Lisa.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Lisa Smash and Bash! Pt. 1 Make Clobber Girl Open a Stuck Jar 6s Cash100
Lisa Smash and Bash! Pt. 2 Make Clobber Girl Throw a Safe 4h Cash100
Lisa Smash and Bash! Pt. 3 Make Clobber Girl Break Up the Fight 8h Cash100
Lisa Smash and Bash! Pt. 4 Make Clobber Girl Chill Out 24h Cash100

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Lisa Smash and Bash! Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Bart Happy Icon.png Oh awesome Lisa, you have your super strength back!
Bart Sneaky Icon.png How ‘bout beating up Nelson for me?
Clobber Girl Surprised Icon.png No Bart! Super strength doesn't mean one has to use it for violence.
Clobber Girl Icon.png I will show people that problems can be solved without violence.
Homer Happy Icon.png Like opening this pickle jar for me?

End[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Homer Shocked Icon.png Whoa, Lisa! I just wanted the lid off, not the jar smashed to bits with your fists.
Clobber Girl Sad Icon.png Hmm, guess my super powers cause me to be a little more violent than I need to be.

Lisa Smash and Bash! Pt. 2[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Apu Embarrassed Icon.png Excuse me Clobber Girl, but my safe door seems to be stuck, could you open it for me?
Clobber Girl Happy Icon.png That sounds like an innocent non-violent use of my power.
Snake Icon.png Alright, losers… this is like a hold up. Correction: not “like a hold up,” this IS one.
Apu Surprised Icon.png Clobber Girl! Do Something!

End[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Apu Happy Icon.png Thanks Clobber Girl. But now my safe is a permanent part of Mr. Snake.
Clobber Girl Sad Icon.png Gahh! I did it again. I just can't help being too violent. It's just such a quick and easy way to solve problems.
Clobber Girl Icon.png I need to be better than this, no more violence!

Lisa Smash and Bash! Pt. 3[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Scared Icon.png Clobber Girl! You have to help! Bart and Nelson have gotten into a fight!
Clobber Girl Icon.png I'll help, but not with my super strength. I'll save the day with my words.
Bart Angry Icon.png I'm tired of your bullying, you gap-tooth, torn sleeved doofus!
Nelson Angry Icon.png That's it Simpson! I'll knock your block off and put your skull on my bicycle handlebars!
Clobber Girl Icon.png Guys, stop! There are better paths to take than violence.
Nelson Angry Icon.png Shut up, Slobber Girl. Bart's gonna be my punching bag forever!
Bart Ack Icon.png Owwww.
Clobber Girl Icon.png Enough!

End[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Excited Icon.png You knocked out the bully and your brother without breaking a sweat! Now you've got me sweating!
Clobber Girl Sad Icon.png Milhouse, I already feel super bad.
Milhouse Sad Icon.png What do you mean? That was super cool!

Lisa Smash and Bash! Pt. 4[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Clobber Girl Sad Icon.png Mom, I promised myself that I wouldn't use violence but it's all I've done! I'm such a bad person.
Marge Happy Icon.png You're not a bad person, you're my little clobber girl. Look at how much good you've done!
Marge Icon.png You've fed your father, stopped a robbery and broken up a fight! All very good deeds.
Marge Icon.png Just because violence is bad, doesn't make the user of it a bad person. Especially if they used it for good deeds.
Clobber Girl Happy Icon.png Thanks, Mom.
Marge Wink Icon.png Now Clobber Girl should take off her gloves and go have some fun as Lisa!
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