Lincoln on Lincoln is a quest from the 4th July 2014 Event featuring Abraham Lincoln. It's unlocked upon placing the Lincoln Memorial.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Lincoln on Lincoln Make Abraham Lincoln Split Rails 8h Cash100
Abraham Lincoln

Dialogue Edit

Lincoln on Lincoln Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Abraham Lincoln Sad Icon Okay, that is literally the LAST design I would have approved for a Lincoln Memorial. What garbage!
Lisa Happy Icon No, it's nice! You look regal.
Abraham Lincoln Sad Icon Exactly! I'm sitting on a throne!
Abraham Lincoln Sad Icon Correct me if I'm wrong, but I sorta thought the POINT of America was "no more guys on thrones."
Lisa Embarrassed Icon Uh... but this is OUR throne. So maybe that makes it okay?
Abraham Lincoln Sad Icon Oh, and thanks for the MASSIVE GREEK TEMPLE.
Abraham Lincoln Sad Icon If there's one thing I was ALL ABOUT, it was huge, loud, in-your-face Greek stuff.
Abraham Lincoln Sad Icon The whole "log cabin" thing? Yeah, total smokescreen. Glad you picked up on that. I was secretly into stone monstrosities the whole time.
Abraham Lincoln Sad Icon This is EXACTLY how I want to be remembered -- as a higher-than-thou know-it-all who insisted that every word he uttered be ETCHED IN STONE FOR ALL TIME.
Abraham Lincoln Sad Icon Well done!!!
Lisa Embarrassed Icon Uh... hey look! Some rails that need splitting.
Abraham Lincoln Icon Huh? SWEET!


No Dialogue

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