The Leftorium Express is a limited time decoration released on December 8, 2015, along with the Winter 2015 Event. It's the first prize to be won in the Event's Act One.

About Edit

Leftorium Express is a kiosk located at Towne Centre at Springfield Glenne. Ned Flanders was forced to downsize to the kiosk after the success of the nearby Southpaw Superstore. His kiosk is only half of a stall, sharing the other side of the kiosk with a Makeup store.

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Quest Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Leftorium Express Collect Festive Hats Indicator 2200
Place the Leftorium Express
- Cash100

Dialogue Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Ned Surprised Icon "Oh Lord, what am I to do?"
Ned Sad Icon "Christmas is supposed to be my busy season, but it's turning out to be a downright right-handed affair.”"
Ned Icon "I guess that star that shone bright in the East was on the right side of the compass, too."
Ned Shocked Icon "I need a left-handed solution to my business woes, PDQ - Pretty Diddly Quick!"
Homer Happy Icon "Why don't you just open a hot dog stand? Everyone loves hot dogs."
Ned Icon "You're right, Homer! And by right, I mean you're as good as being left!"
Homer Angry Icon "Shut up, stupid Flanders! You're confusing me."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Ned Icon "I just had to downsize. Instead of a big, old Leftorium, what better way than with a mobile stall!"
Ned Icon "Allow me to introduce ... the Leftorium Express!”"
Ned Icon "With this, I not only cut rental costs, but I get to bump my backside with my new business partner, Nasreen!"
Nasreen Icon "..."
Ned Icon "As a thank you to Homer, I'm also sellin' left-handed hot dogs!"

Trivia Edit

  • Only one can be purchased.

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