Lattes are Currency for the Springfield Heights Expansion. They are earned at the Coffee Shop, by spending 75000 at the Googolplex to air "Cafeblanca."

Lattes are used to buy different items at the store to use them in Springfield Heights, such as decorations and buildings. They are also used to upgrade buildings and are needed to be able to collect other currencies, i.e. Smart Devices and Pharmaceuticals.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ten characters can earn Lattes, and for most, the tasks they do to earn Lattes are selected at the Coffee Shop rather than from their individual job lists.
    • The exception is Number 1's 60m task at the Mountain Lodge; the task length to earn Lattes is two minutes.
  • The characters are Comic Book Guy, Mr. Burns, Lisa Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Louie, Sea Captain, Chalmers, Squeaky Voice Teen, Drederick Tatum and Number 1.
  • Sea Captain and Chalmers' tasks are special eight-hour tasks and become avaialble once the Marketing Agency is unlocked.  For all other characters, the task length is two minutes.
  • As premium characters, Squeaky Voice Teen and Drederick Tatum earn two Lattes for their two minute job, rather than one.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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