The L.A. Body Works is a building released on July 22, 2015, during the Springfield Heights Expansion. It's a Harvesting Station where the Player will collect Yoga Mats to progress into the game. It's unlocked for free when the player buys land in Springfield Heights using resources. Eventually, they will unlock the land that it is in.

About[edit | edit source]

Marge gave the L.A. Body Works a try when she was trying to lose weight and was looking for a gym to join. She felt self-conscious when she noticed she was the only one having trouble with the treadmill, and decidedly out of place when she saw that everyone else had above-average physiques.

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Capacity of Storage[edit | edit source]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Storage N/A +10 +30 +50 +100 +50 +50
Total 10 20 50 100 200 250 300

Additionally, two specific premium characters can also work at the station, however, the storage capacity is not affected by this.

Jobs Involved[edit | edit source]

Character Task Requires Cost Length Rewards
Disco Stu Teach Sweatin' 70's Workout Stu's Disco N/A 8 minutes Yoga Mats2 + Experience5
Moe Watch Yoga Class N/A N/A 8 minutes Yoga Mats1 + Experience3
Bart Drop Tadpoles In The Pool Real Estate Value Points8.8M Lattes20 + Smart Devices20 8 minutes Yoga Mats1 + Experience3
Legs Workout His Swing Arm Real Estate Value Points12.7M Lattes30 + Smart Devices30 8 minutes Yoga Mats1 + Experience3
Snake Recruit Some Muscle Real Estate Value Points20.2M Lattes40 + Smart Devices40 8 minutes Yoga Mats1 + Experience3
Nelson Steal Dirty Towels for Home Real Estate Value Points34.2M Smart Devices50 + Pharmaceuticals20 8 minutes Yoga Mats1 + Experience3
Duffman Makin' the Duff Buff Duff Brewery N/A 8 hours Yoga Mats60 + Experience120
Lou* Respond to a Call About Creepers Real Estate Value Points50M Furniture80 + Pharmaceuticals50 8 hours Yoga Mats30 + Experience60
Miss Hoover* Attempt to Perform Yoga Real Estate Value Points50M Furniture80 + Pharmaceuticals50 8 hours Yoga Mats30 + Experience60
* Increases Storage by 50

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • For an unknown reason, Fat Tony has been replaced by Snake as the 4th regular character working at the Body Works with the update released on July 30, 2015.
    • This may have been done for balancing reasons, as it allows for increased harvesting for newer players who have not yet unlocked him or his cronies.
    • Until the update on August 6, 2015 the building still displayed an icon indicating that another character could be sent to produce Yoga Mats if Fat Tony was idle. This icon disappeared as soon as the player had sent Fat Tony on any of his other jobs.
  • In the show, L.A. Body Works was never specifically said to be in Springfield Heights.
  • If the player does not have Legs, he can not be sent on the job even after the requirements for his job are reached. The same goes for Louie at the Coffee Shop.
  • Fun Fact, L.A. BodyWorks is a reference to Bodyworks from a small texas town known as Lubbock Texas.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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