Krustylu Studios is a quest chain featuring Sideshow Mel. This quest requires the Cannon.


Quest Requirements Reward
Krusty's Sidekick Make Sideshow Mel Go for Rehearsals Cash100
Death of a Salesman Make Sideshow Mel Juggle Cash100
Taking the Bone Make Sideshow Mel De-bone the Hair Cash100
The Human Cannon Ball Make Sideshow Mel Fire from the Cannon Cash100


Krusty's SidekickEdit

Character Dialogue
Sideshow Mel Icon "Woe is me! I simply can't take any more of this. I must hie me hence!"
Krusty Icon "Take it easy, uh, Mel -- that's your name, right? You've only just got back!"
Sideshow Mel Icon "Release me back to limbo: A place of modest actuality, absolved from ego stroking and ass kiss-ery."
Krusty Icon "Ah, shut your Shakespeare hole, you drama queen! Get back to rehearsal! We're doing the "Human Urinal Cake" sketch."

Death of a SalesmanEdit

Character Dialogue
Sideshow Mel Icon "Once I trod the boards with legends of the stage. John Gielgud! Laurence Olivier! Reba McEntire! I was nominated for an Obie, a Tony and a Stoney."
Krusty Icon ""Nominated" means you lost."

Taking the BoneEdit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Hi Sideshow Mel! I, for one, appreciate your work as a stage artiste."
Sideshow Mel Icon "And I too appreciate your well-intentioned butter-uppery. But that was a past time. Back before I..."
"...'took the bone'"

The Human Cannon BallEdit

Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "Hey hey, Sideshow Mel, I've got a brand new act for you."
Sideshow Mel Icon "Hopefully this is something that finally utilizes my full repertoire of performing arts."
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