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Krustyland Tickets (Krustyland Tickets) are the currency that are used in Krustyland. Krustyland Tickets could originally only be used in Krustyland - originally a separate area from the player's Springfield - and most Krustyland items can only be purchased with them.

The tickets are earned by the buildings placed in Krustyland, and in particular by playing the Sideshow You minigame where the player can pop balloons to reveal prizes. Krustyland Tickets can also be earned when you visit your friends, by travelling to their Krustylands and performing daily tasks.

When you manage to get enough Nausea, Grub or attractions you will bring customers to the Park. The visitors also attract Krustyland tickets.

After completing The Krusty-est Place On Earth questline tickets can be exchanged for Cash via the Krustyland Entrance. The exchange ratio (see table below) is considered to be fair; for example, an eight-hour quest at Krustyland brings 82 Tickets; with the "best" exchange ratio of 1:3.33, this will give 273.333 Cash, and thus nearly as much as an eight-hour quest in Springfield (which is 275 Cash). Similarly, the 52 Tickets (173.333 Cash after exchange) for a four-hour quest nearly correspond to the 175 Cash which is the reward in Springfield. This shows that it is worth waiting for an exchange into Cash until at least full 30 000 Tickets have been received, and to then use the best exchange ratio of 3.333.

Ticket Conversions[]

Krustyland Tickets Cash Cash for each Ticket
Krustyland Tickets3500 Cash10000 Approx.Cash2.857
Krustyland Tickets5000 Cash15000 Cash3
Krustyland Tickets16000 Cash50000 Cash3.125
Krustyland Tickets30000 Cash100000 Cash3.33(3)