The Krusty Murder is a limited time alternative façade for the Krusty Burger released on October 20, 2015, during the Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event Act 2.

About Edit

The Krusty Murder is decorated with M'nthster inspired elements, including green tentacles reaching down from the roof and hanging out of the rubbish bins, as well as brown wings sprouting from the Krusty Burger sign, which now reads "Krusty Murder". The door to the restaurant has an image of M'nthster himself on it, and there are posters on the wall of monsters.

Jobs Involved Edit

Limited Time

Comic Book Guy

  • Play with food - 60m


  • Play with food - 60m


  • Play with food - 60m


  • Play with food - 60m

Trivia Edit

  • When tapped, it plays a new sound byte for the Krusty Burger of a screeching monster.
  • The Jobs here could earn Gummies, an event currency, during Act 2 of the event. During Act 3, normal cash and XP payouts were given. After the event no job can be performed at this façade at all.

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