Krusty Burger is a restaurant. When it is built Krusty the Clown is unlocked. It will earn the player 13 Cash and 1 XP every 15 minutes, and the restaurant can be bought more than once (subsequent Krusty Burgers earn 15 Cash instead of 13 Cash). For the first Krusty Burger it costs 2600 Cash, and for every one after that it will cost you more Cash - note that the additional Krusty Burgers can only be purchased after reaching Level 14.

About Edit

Krusty Burger is a fast-food burger restaurant chain that was founded by Krusty the Clown in Springfield. It's known to use a variety of animal meats in it, without any of them being what one would normally eat, including zoo animals, road kill and insects.

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Jobs Involved Edit

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Regular Jobs


  • Feast until Belly Becomes Bloated - 8h


  • Eat at Krusty Burger - 30m

Comic Book Guy

  • Eat at Krusty Burger - 30m

Cool Lisa

  • Hang Out at Krusty Burger - 24h

Fit Tony

  • Take Krusty's Payments in Krusty Burgers - 60m

Gelatinous Homer

  • Consume Krusty Burger - 60m

Hans Moleman

  • Provide Security - 6h
  • Flip Burgers - 12h


  • Eat at Krusty Burger - 30m

Homer Strongman

  • Punch Meat in the Freezer - 4h

Jesse Grass

  • Protest Eating Animals - 60m


  • Eat at Krusty Burger - 30m


  • Promote a New Product - 8h


  • Eat America’s Saddest Fast Food - 60m

Mr. Teeny

  • Balance Krusty Burger Books -4h

Number 36

  • Promote Corn-Sumerism - 4h

Number 51

  • Consume Engineered "Meat" Product - 60m

Paul Bunyan

  • Have a Thousand Krusty Burgers - 8h


  • Rob the Krusty Burger - 4h

The Collector

  • Buy Laffy Meal for the Toy - 60m

Tuxedo Krusty

  • Take a "Spoonful of Courage" - 60m
  • Dine Beneath His Station - 4h
  • Prepare Scathing Retorts - 8h


  • Eat at Krusty Burger - 30m

Quest Based Jobs


  • Hang out at Krusty Burger - 24h

Cocoa Beanie

  • Go to Krusty's Cabaret - 8h

Cool Lisa

  • Hang out at Krusty Burger - 24h


  • Eat at Krusty Burger - 30m

Fat Tony

  • Eat at Krusty Burger - 30m


  • Eat America’s Saddest Fast Food - 60m
  • Get Menus from Local Restaurants - 4h


  • Flip Burgers - 24h
  • Wash Dishes - 24h


  • Block Blue-Hairs from Krusty Burger - 3h
  • Hold a Dance-Off - 4h
  • Smuggle in Electric Eels - 8h
  • Rent a Tux Online - 12h
  • Cabareducate - 24h
  • Be a Sad Clown - 24h


  • Eat at Krusty Burger - 30m

Miss Hoover

  • Attend a Dance-Off - 4h
  • Go to Krusty's Cabaret - 8h
  • Get Cabareducated - 24h


  • Attend a Dance-Off - 4h
  • Get Cabareducated - 24h

Character Groups
Adult Springfielders

  • Eat at a Restaurant - 4h (single use)
  • Overeat - 8h (single use)

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • During the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event, when Krusty Burger is haunted a ghost horse appears to run from one side to another.
  • Krusty's eyes roll (on the sign) and the vents turn when the building is being used.
    • The eyes used to roll in opposite directions, until some update after April 2013 changed that to make them roll on the same direction.
  • Since the Easter 2015 Event update the price of the Krusty Burger depends on how many the player already ownes.
  • With the Level 52 update on May 6, 2015, the Main Krusty Burger (1st one) can't be sold anymore.
  • During the Wild West 2016 Event, Bandits were spawned from the Krusty Burger. As such, its income was temporarily changed to spawning a number of bandits every four hours. The number of bandits depended on the level of the Town Plaza.
    • This only applied to the first Krusty Burger; additional ones had normal payouts.
  • With the Black History 2020 Event, the Krusty Burger was redesigned with many noticeable differences to its original design.

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