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Kruption is a premium questline for Coach Krupt that was released on May 6, 2015 with the Level 52 content update.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Kruption Pt. 1 Make Coach Krupt Launch a BOMBARDMENT! 8h Cash100, Experience10 Coach Krupt
Kruption Pt. 2 Make Students Train Strength & Agility (x6) 4h Cash100, Experience10 Lisa
Kruption Pt. 3 Make Coach Krupt Teach Gym Class
Make Students Suffer Gym Class (x6)
Cash100, Experience10 Milhouse
Kruption Pt. 4 Make Lisa Tattle On Coach Krupt
Make Skinner Listen to Complaints
Cash100, Experience10 Lisa
Kruption Pt. 5 Make Students Play Dodgeball (x6)
Make Coach Krupt Coach at the YMCA
Cash100, Experience10 Skinner


Kruption Pt. 1[]


Character Dialogue
Coach Krupt Annoyed Icon.png "Look at all of these butterballs waddling through the hallways!"
Coach Krupt Icon.png "Without some toughening up, I expect no more than half of them will ever become real men."
Lisa Deadpan Icon.png "Half of them are girls."
Coach Krupt Icon.png "Pfft. Girls are just men with female sex organs, two X chromosomes, and different hormones."
Lisa Icon.png "That is surprisingly accurate. Are you sure you shouldn't be teaching health?"
Coach Krupt Icon.png "I teach one thing and one thing only – the game of BOMBARDMENT."
Coach Krupt Happy Icon.png "And Home Brewing 101 at the Y on Tuesdays."

Jobs Started[]

Character Dialogue
Coach Krupt Icon.png "There's only one rule in BOMBARDMENT – there are no rules."
Coach Krupt Icon.png "Except for the following rules – If you don't get hit, you have survived the BOMBARDMENT."
Coach Krupt Icon.png "If you cry on my court, you will be disqualified for being a baby and face DOUBLE BOMBARDMENT!"
Coach Krupt Annoyed Icon.png "And I don't believe in two things – daylight savings time and doctors' notes. So if you're late or try to claim a medical excuse to avoid BOMBARDMENT, tough!"
Coach Krupt Happy Icon.png "Now let me choose a victim, I mean volunteer, to BOMBARD."

Kruption Pt. 2[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "That Coach Krupt is such a jerk!"
Milhouse Sad Icon.png "Who does he think he is? Seriously, I'm not sure who he is. That ball hit me pretty hard."
Coach Krupt Icon.png "Men don't make concussions. Concussions make men. Your general confusion is your manhood setting in."
Milhouse Icon.png "I thought that was why I have hair growing in weird places."
Lisa Shouting Icon.png "This is torture! Kids shouldn't be forced to participate in these archaic rites of passage. Instead we should be learning cursive and the Dewey Decimal System."
Coach Krupt Happy Icon.png "I administer the Presidential Fitness Exam around here, so that makes me the closest thing to the President. Does anyone else want to commit treason in the war on flab?"

Kruption Pt. 3[]


Character Dialogue
Milhouse Sad Icon.png "Is that the bell or just a constant ringing in my ears?"
Coach Krupt Icon.png "The bell? We're not half done with class! Now I don't care if you can't stand, I want you running."
Lisa Deadpan Icon.png "Sir, while we can all agree Springfield's children are on the rounder, softer, fatter side --"
Uter Sad Icon.png "My insides were full of chocolate but now that trashcan is."
Lisa Nagging Icon.png "-- I think we can also agree that this seems a little barbaric."
Coach Krupt Icon.png "Did you just say… BOMBARDMENT?!?"
Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "You know I didn't say bombar-"
Lisa Hit With Ball Icon.png "*WHACK!!*"
Coach Krupt Icon.png "You said it that time."


Character Dialogue
Milhouse Sad Icon.png "*Sob*... *sob-sob*"
Coach Krupt Icon.png "First step of manhood, get out a good cry. Second step of manhood, never cry again."
Milhouse Sad Icon.png "You knocked out my teeth! And then I'm pretty sure you sold them to that man."
Moe Angry Icon.png "You can't prove it and I'm not giving them back."

Kruption Pt. 4[]


Character Dialogue
Lisa Angry Icon.png "Coach Krupt has gone too far. I don't care if he's our coach -- a bully is still a bully."
Milhouse Icon.png "He's not going to listen to us. But he might listen to a real man! We should go tell my dad."
Lisa Embarrassed Icon.png "Hahaha! ...Oh wait, you were serious?"
Milhouse Sad Icon.png "Fine, we'll ask your dad then."
Homer Drunk Icon.png "Yes, children. I am dressed like Carmen Miranda, but you tell me one other outfit that gives you such instant access to fruit."
Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "Ummm... let's just talk to Principal Skinner ourselves."


Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon.png "I'm sorry Mr. Krupt, I'm a big fan of your no-nonsense aggressive teaching style, but we simply can't afford another lawsuit. Our lawyer's bail has been set too high as it is."
Skinner Sad Icon.png "So it pains me to say this, but I have to fire you."
Coach Krupt Sad Icon.png "But I was so close to breaking their tender spirits!"
Skinner Icon.png "It's no longer the job of teachers to break children's spirits. We've passed that torch to college entrance exams and social media cyber-bullying."

Kruption Pt. 5[]


Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon.png "Coach Krupt has been relieved from duty as your gym teacher, but physical education is still an essential part of the curriculum."
Skinner Icon.png "So we're going to do what the US does best and outsource. Here's the sign up sheet for the YMCA."
Lisa Deadpan Icon.png "The only option here is dodgeball. Is dodgeball at all like bombardment?"
Skinner Icon.png "Of course not. Bombardment is spelled with a B."
Lisa Annoyed Icon.png "Hmm, I don't like the sound of that."
Milhouse Icon.png "Dodgeball could be fun. I come from a long line of dodgers, evaders, and hiders."

Jobs Started[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Deadpan Icon.png "I hear the YMCA has a new physical education instructor."
Coach Krupt Happy Icon.png "BOMBARDMENT!!!"
Milhouse Sad Icon.png "We've been tricked! It was the greatest dodge of all: the administration dodging responsibility!!"