King Toot's Music Store or simply just King Toot's is a music shop in Midtown Springfield. It's located to the right of Moe's Tavern. King Toot's was formally owned by Jer, then later by King Toot whom are not available in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. When tapped, a jazzy saxophone solo is played.

About Edit

King Toot's Music Store is Springfield's premiere music store.  It sells instruments of all kinds, and is located right next to Moe's Tavern. Lisa got both her saxophones from the store. Homer went to get Lisa's Saxophone reed from here for Lisa's recital, only to realize he turned up too late after stopping off at Moe's for a "quick" drink. The interior of the store has many instruments, including saxophones, xylophones and clarinets.  There's a music clef banner with notes on it that goes around the entire store.

It is also an Egyptian-themed music store despite having nothing to do with Ancient Egypt except its name.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Get Guitar Restrung - 8h

Princess Penelope

  • Get Guitar Restring - 8h

Limited Time

Adult Springfielders

  • Shop for loved ones - 6h
  • Stampede Stores - 12h

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