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For the quest chain, see King Snorky (quest chain).

Snorky… talk… man.
— King Snorky's unlock message

King Snorky is a prize character from the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event. He is unlocked at 5250 Goo. Having this character starts the King Snorky (quest chain). He doesn't have any quests, but he backflips when you tap him and makes a dolphin sound.


Upon being released from Marine World, Snorky took control and started killing humans. He was revealed to be able to speak English and then led the dolphin army to kicking all Springfieldians off the land into the sea.

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  • King Snorky is from the Treehouse of Horror XI (The Night of the Dolphin).
  • He starts a quest chain, however he has no tasks for himself.