Junk (Junk) was a currency during the Monorail 2015 Event.

As soon as A Rail of One City Pt. 1 has been completed, and the Springfield Dump has been built, players can harvest Junk for crafting at the Metal Depot, Plastic Depot and Glass Depot. Junk is also used to complete Projects at the Project Board in order to get the event's Personal Prizes and after the event, Extra Tracks.

Characters qualified to harvest Junk[edit | edit source]

* Each task length is 30 seconds.

Character Task Rewards
Homer Collect Junk Junk50
Lisa Save the Environment Junk50
Milhouse Try to Impress Lisa Junk50
Ned Do his Christian Duty Junk50
Quimby Pose for Photo Op Junk50
Cletus Put the Newest Spuckler to Work Junk50
Willie Take a Break from Raking Leaves Junk50
Ray Patterson Pick Up Trash Ray Junk50
Hippie Declutter The Biosphere Junk50
Uter Look for Discarded Chocolate Junk75
Brandine Clean Up Nature Using Nature Junk75
Dewey Largo Assemble the Band Junk75
Jesse Grass Heal Mother Earth Junk75

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