The Jet Engine Bike was a premium decoration that was first available during the Christmas 2013 Event in December 2013.

During the Cyber Monday 2015 Promotion the player got a refund (rebate) of 8 donuts when purchased but the base cost was 10 donuts more than the normal price.

During Wave 2 of the Corporate Kickbacks, the player got a rebate of 10 donuts after purchasing the item, while the base cost remained the normal 30 donuts.

Trivia Edit

  • It has the best Donut to Payout Increase ratio for a permanent item so far, at only 15 Donuts per Percent.
    • The Snowball II Snowcat (10 donuts per percent) and the Oktoberfest Gate (12.5 donuts per percent) have a better ratio, but they are limited time decorations.
    • Purchasing this item during Wave 2 of the Corporate Kickbacks reduced this ratio for the Jet Engine Bike to 10 donuts per percent.

Gallery Edit

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