Unlock me, eh? That's a paddling!
— Jasper's unlock message.

Jasper is a character in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. He is unlocked upon building the Community Center, which is priced at 150 donuts.

About[edit | edit source]

Jasper is a resident of the Retirement Castle, and is often seen around Springfield. He is Abe Simpson's best friend.

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Jobs[edit | edit source]

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Test Trial Medication Pharmaceuticals2
12m John's Pharmaceuticals Nope.png
Practice Lollipop Song Cash105
60m - Check.png
Dine at the Overpass Diner* Cash105
60m Overpass Diner Nope.png
Go Paddling Cash260
4h - Check.png
Relax in the Retirement Home Cash420
8h Retirement Castle Nope.png
Retrieve a Box of Pills Cash525
10h Center for Geriatric Medicine Nope.png
Rest in a Cryo Chamber Cash525
10h Cryo Stasis Memorial Check.png
Take Incorrect Medication Cash600
12h - Check.png
Self-Freeze at the Kwik-E-Mart Cash1000
24h Kwik-E-Mart Nope.png

*Unlocked after completing Grumpy Grumpy Grampos Pt. 2

Level's Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Check Out Restaurants Cash60
30m Restaurants Grumpy Grumpy Grampos Pt. 1 Check.png

Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Attend Court Hearing Cash260
4h Court House Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 7 Nope.png
Go to Stu's Disco Cash275
8h Stu's Disco Saturday Night Fever Pt.4 Nope.png
Eat at the Frying Dutchman Cash275
8h The Frying Dutchman The Frying Dutchman Pt. 1 Nope.png
Eat at Luigi's Cash275
8h Luigi's Running with the Bullies Pt. 16 Nope.png
Storm Police Station Cash420
12h Police Station Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 5 Nope.png
Eat at Fleet-A-Pita Cash420
12h Fleet-A-Pita Van The Investorettes Pt. 3/4 Nope.png
Protest Cash600
24h Channel 6 Two Extra Eyes On Springfield Pt. 4 Nope.png

Limited Time

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Attend Homer's Football Bash Cash175
4h Simpson House Stupor Bowl Sunday Nope.png
Eat at a Restaurant Gift Cards17
4h Restaurants Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 10 Check.png
Enjoy a Beer Gift Cards17
4h Moe's Tavern Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 11 Nope.png
Drink Craft Beer Cash260
4h O'Flanagan's Pub O'Flan-again Pt. 4 & Pt. 5 Nope.png
Shop for Loved Ones Gift Cards22
6h Shops Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 12 Check.png
Overeat Gift Cards27
8h Restaurants Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 14 Check.png
Drink Too Much Gift Cards27
8h Moe's Tavern Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 15 Nope.png
Hunt for the Simpsons Gift Cards27
8h Homes Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 18 Check.png
Stampede Stores Gift Cards42
12h Shops Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 16 Check.png
Enjoy a St. Patrick’s Beer Bash Cash500
16h O'Flanagan's Pub Dye The Town Green Pt. 6 Nope.png
Train for St. Patrick's Day Beer Bash Cash600
24h O'Flanagan's Pub Training Day Pt. 1 Nope.png

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When selected When sent on a good job When sent on a bad job When collecting from a job
"Just don't harm the beard!" "Come in, songs were done by six." "Talking out of turn, that's a paddlin!"

"My God, we did it. Thaaaat's a paddlin!

"Leave me alone." "Someday." "Paddling the school canoe, oh you better believe that's a paddlin!" "You get a wag of my beard!"
"Not cool."
"Who did that?"

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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