Itchy & Scratchy Money was a limited-time currency that was released on May 30, 2018 for the Itchy & Scratchy Land 2018 Event. It was the only currency used in the Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate to craft prizes for the event.

How to Obtain Edit

Itchy & Scratchy Money can be obtained:

  • By sending characters to Staff Rides at the Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate.
  • By tapping Park Visitors that spawn in the player's town.
  • By tapping Park Visitors in friends' towns.
  • From personal prizes (Level 5 in all three Acts).

Jobs Edit

Nearly all new characters and costumes can do 4h or 8h jobs that earn Itchy & Scratchy Money during the event (Itchy & Scratchy Money Icon25 resp. Itchy & Scratchy Money Icon50), besides Staff Rides at the Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate.

Limited Time


  • Threaten Everyone - 4h
  • Be Confused by This Reality - 8h


  • Make a Call - 4h
  • Go for a Walk - 8h


  • Come Up With "Original" Programming - 4h
  • Go on a Firing Spree - 8h


  • Prepare for Battle - 4h
  • Hunt for Itchy - 8h

Ms. Mouse

  • Tackle Her Finances - 4h
  • Contemplate New Business - 8h

Squeaky Voice Attendant

  • Promote Itchy & Scratchy Money - 4h
  • Desperately Search for Lost Children - 8h

June Bellamy

  • Show Off Her Theatrical Range - 4h
  • Greet Her Adoring Public - 8h

Park Engineer

  • "Fix" Malfunctioning Robot - 4h
  • Conveniently Escape a Conversation - 8h

Tina Ballerina

  • Be the Swan - 4h
  • Promote Krusty - 8h

Gallery Edit

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