A 5-part task to build the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


Quest Task Time Reward
It's Pronounced Nu-cular Part 1 Build the Cooling Towers - Cash100
Unlock: Mr. Burns
It's Pronounced Nu-cular Part 2 Build the Reactor Core - Cash50
It's Pronounced Nu-cular Part 3 Build the Control Building - Cash50
It's Pronounced Nu-cular Part 4 Make Homer do a Plant Shift 16h Cash50
A Little Light Reading Make Mr. Burns Read from the Necronomicon 4h Cash50


It's Pronounced Nu-cular Part 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Apu Icon "My freezers are running out of power!"
"If the food spoils, it will taste even more disgusting than normal."
Lisa Icon "We need to build a power plant!"
"Should it be solar? Wind? Geothermal?"
Homer Icon "None of that hippy crap -- we're going to rebuild the nuclear plant!"
"I've got to catch up on the word-a-day calender on my desk!


Character Dialogue
Apu Icon "Thank you for building the power plant..."
"As well as for NOT building a supermarket or any shop besides mine that sells food."

It's Pronounced Nu-cular Part 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon "You just build the cooling towers, which are there for safety..."
"The ONE thing I don't care about!"

It's Pronounced Nu-cular Part 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon "That's better."
"All we need now is a place for the dim-witted Neanderthals to push their buttons and I'm back in business."

It's Pronounced Nu-cular Part 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon "Excellent!"
"That Plant is operational. It's time to get back to work!"
Homer Icon "D'oh!"


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Mom's not here, remember?"
Homer Icon "Yes, and it makes me mad. I feel like choking something."
Lisa Icon "Bart's not here either."

A Little Light ReadingEdit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon "Ah, it's lovely to be back in charge."
"I think I'll celebrate by relaxing with the good book."
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