The Ice Cream Truck is a premium limited time decoration released on July 30, 2015, as part of a deal from Gil. Upon completion, Ice Cream Man Homer, a costume for Homer, is unlocked.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Ice Cream Man Homer

  • Free Ice Cream!! - 60m
  • Sell Ice Cream - 4h
  • Make Change on a $100 - 8h
  • Collect Popsicle Sticks - 12h
  • Pick Up Lost Coins - 24h


  • Sneak an Ice Cream - 30m

Gil Deals' Quest Based Jobs


  • Binge on Ice Cream - 8h

Ice Cream Man Homer

  • Eat it All - 60m
Ice Cream Man Homer Deal Indicator

Gil Deal Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Selling Icon "Used truck for sale! Used man selling a used truck!"
Homer Annoyed Icon "Not interested."
Gil Sad Icon "I'll clean all the half-melted ice cream out of the back. It'll wreak havoc on my sciatica, but what choice do I have?"
Homer Woohoo Icon "Half melted! Ice cream! Sciatica! Wait, not the last one. But those first ones… SOLD!"

Offer accepted Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Happy Icon "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"
Gil Sad Icon "Also I scream at nightmares, brought on by the sadness of my horrible life."
Play through the questline to unlock Homer's Ice Cream Man outfit.
— In-Game Message

Offer declined Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Surprised Icon "It's me isn't it? It couldn't be the ice cream, because who doesn't like ice cream? But everybody doesn't like ol' Gil."



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