Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart is a limited time questline released on December 3, 2014 during the Christmas 2014 Event. It began once the player placed King Winter's Cave.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 1 Make Homer Explore King Winter's Cave 24h Homer
Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 2 Make King Winter Make Cocoa

Make Homer Play Video Games in King Winter's Cave
Make Lisa Play Video Games in King Winter's Cave

4h King Winter
Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 3 Make King Winter Annoy Flanders 4h King Winter
Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 4 Make King Winter Go on a Date 60m King Winter
Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 5 Make King Winter Gnaw on Some Baby Back Ribs 24h King Winter


Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Annoyed Icon "Typical. A new guy moves into town and builds his cave right on the limits of the property line."
Lisa Shocked Icon "It's the cave of King Winter, the evil troll who every Christmas feasts on his own children!"
Homer Thoughtful Icon "Well, my first thought is disapproval, but I am open to learning alternate methods of parenting."
Lisa Alarmed Icon "Can't you feel the evil emanating from that man's cave?"
Homer Icon "Man cave, eh? Wonder if he gets the Football Channel."

Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
King Winter Icon "Who dares enter the dark realm of the Winter King?!"
Homer Scared Icon "A fat American and his defenseless daughter!"
Lisa Serious Icon "You don't belong in Springfield, King Winter."
Homer Icon "Yeah, this is a family town where overweight kids are allowed outside alone all times of the day and night."
King Winter Icon "Look, I have a bad reputation from that TV documentary about me, but I'm trying to put it all behind me."

"I mean, do you know what it's like to feel the blood of your own children in your own beard?"

Homer Dreamy Icon "No, but I've imagined it many times."
King Winter Icon "Here, I've got a brand new gaming console. Play some games while I make cocoa, and I'll explain everything."

Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
King Winter Sad Icon "It's been so many years since that regrettable incident with the children. All that time I've been alone and lonely."
King Winter Icon "So I'm looking for a wife."
Homer Icon "What kind of a wife?"
King Winter Icon "Well, she should want a lot of children but she shouldn't get very attached to them."
Homer Icon "What you want is a public school teacher. I'll set you up with Miss Hoover."
King Winter Icon "Wonderful! I will reward you with anything within my power as Winter King."
King Winter Icon "Icy slush in someone's shoes. A dead car battery. A snot icicle."
Homer Happy Icon "Your target's name is Flanders. Have no mercy."

Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
King Winter Sad Icon "Homer, I have a date with Miss Hoover tonight, but I'm nervous."
King Winter Sad Icon "I've been out of the dating game so long. I don't know what modern women like."
Homer Icon "Did you get Miss Hoover some flowers?"
King Winter Icon "Yes, a bouquet of gray asphodel blasted by chilling frost."
Homer Icon "Uh huh. Where are you going to take her?"
King Winter Icon "Bowling."
Homer Icon "Sounds good."
King Winter Icon "Bowling boulders at helpless villagers before I steal their children."
King Winter Scared Icon "That's bad, isn't it? Bro, you gotta give me some tips."
Lisa Sad Icon "Dad, how could you help an evil troll like King Winter improve his dating life?"
Homer Icon "I don't feel good about it, but he invoked the bonds of bro-hood."
Homer Icon "Besides, having a wife who'd clean up his awesome man cave is the worst punishment of all."

Ice-Cold Hands, Lukewarm Heart Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "So King Winter, how'd the date with Miss Hoover go?"
Lisa Icon "Although I disapprove, if there's going to be a wedding I call dibs on flower girl."
King Winter Icon "Oh, there'll be no wedding. Although she was totally delicious."
Lisa Shocked Icon "Those bones you're gnawing on... you mean you..."
King Winter Icon "Oh relax, they’re from the barbecue joint. I can’t marry your teacher. She hates kids so much even I think it’s creepy."
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