The IRS Building is a building released on September 24, 2015, shortly after the introduction of the Every Man's Dream Promotional. It is available after playing through the Taxes Hold'em questline, which is unlocked at Level 35. It allows the player to automatically collect taxes from all buildings within a certain range.

Upgrades Edit

The IRS Building has upgrades which can be purchased with Cash. Each level increases the radius where taxes are collected. Upon reaching the final level of the building, the player will be awarded with a new skin.

Level Cost Range
1 CashFREE 8
2 Cash50000 10
3 Cash150000 12
4 Cash500000 14
5 Cash1000000 16
6 Cash2000000 18
7 Cash3000000 20
8 Cash5000000 22
9 Cash7000000 25
Total Cash18700000

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