Hooch City is a limited-time premium building that was released on March 7, 2018, as part of the Homer vs the 18th Amendment 2018 Event.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Shop for Communion Wine - 2h

Quest Based Jobs

Character Groups
Wine Enthusiasts

  • Shop at Hooch City - 60m

Quest Edit

Icon Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
x50px Hooch City Make Wine Enthusiasts Shop at Hooch City (x5) 60m Cash100

Dialogue Edit

Hooch City Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Happy Icon A Hooch City finally landed in Springfield! I can finally use all those coupons.
Bernice Hibbert Icon I have always wanted to try the fill-your-own-box boxed wine.
Lindsey Naegle Icon As the president of the AA, I should probably scout this place out...for research, of course. Sweet, delicious research.

Trivia Edit

  • Only one can be obtained.
  • It can be placed on grass, pavement, dirt, boardwalk, pier, edge of boardwalk, or edge of pier.

Gallery Edit

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