The Homerlayas is a decoration released with the Level 60 update on May 18, 2016. It has upgrades that can be applied to it by reaching certain game levels.


Game Level Upgrade
60 Homerlayas Menu Homer
138 Homerlayas Lisa Menu Lisa
223 Homerlayas Bart Menu Bart
419 Homerlayas Marge Menu Marge
742 Homerlayas Maggie Menu Maggie


Level 100

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon Congratulations on becoming a centarian!
Mr. Burns Winking Icon The first hundred is always the most difficult.
Keep leveling up. The Homerlayan upgrades are on their way!
— System Message.

Level 138

Character Dialogue
Homer Happy Icon It's the level 138 spectacular! And this time Lisa, you're joining the family!
Lisa Confused Icon What are you talking about? I was in the 138th Episode Spectacular.
Homer Icon No. We did that variety show and you were replaced by some older girl, remember?
Lisa Icon That was the Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase! It was episode 177.
Homer Surprised Icon 177?! I can't wait that long! Let's just do this now!
You have received an upgrade for The Homerlayas. Enjoy! Keep it up!
— System Message.

Level 200

Character Dialogue
Homer Woohoo Icon Woo-hoo, level 200! We must get a reward for that, right? A new head on the mountain or something?
*system message* No.
Homer Annoyed Icon Stupid game.

Level 223

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon Ooh, level 223 is significant because Bart's birthday is on February 23rd.
Bart Annoyed Icon No, it's not. It's not even close.
Homer Thoughtful Icon Are you sure? A lot of people tweeted that it was, including Rolling Stone and the Chicago Tribune.
Bart Icon Since when do you read the Chicago Tribune?
Homer Icon Hey, I'll read anything under 140 characters.
In honor of 02/23 NOT being Bart's birthday, enjoy this upgrade to The Homerlayas!
— System Message.

Level 300

Character Dialogue
Homer Woohoo Icon Woo-hoo, it's level 300! And we're not getting anything for it...AGAIN!

Level 419

Character Dialogue
Marge Sidebar It's 419, or April 19! That's the anniversary of our family's first short!
Quimby Sidebar This seems like as good a time as any to add your head to the mountain.
Selma Icon Where did you ever find enough rock to build Marge's giant hair?
Quimby Sidebar It was easy, we just hollowed out the other heads.
Patty Icon I would have assumed the one on the left was already empty.
In honor of the day before Barney's birthday, enjoy this upgrade to The Homerlayas!
— System Message.

Level 742

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon Ah, 742 Evergreen Terrace is starting to feel a lot like home. But who's still missing from the mountain?
Maggie Icon *suck* *suck*
You have received the final upgrade for the Homerlayas. Enjoy!
— System Message.


  • It can only be moved in the mountains between Springfield and Springfield Heights, but does not require the land to be unlocked on both sides.
  • It cannot be stored.
  • The order in which the pictures are unlocked is the same one in which the characters have been made available in the game: Homer, then Lisa, then Bart, then Marge, and finally, Maggie.
  • The façades can be switched.


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