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Me am Homer Simpson now.
— Homer Barbarian's unlock message

Homer Barbarian is a costume for the Barbarian released on August 19 2014, as the first prize for the Clash of Clones 2014 Event.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Eat Stale Donuts Cash15
5m Lard Lad Donuts Nope.png
Take Lisa Out for Veggie Pizza Cash140
60m Lisa and Luigi's Nope.png
Chase Bully with an Axe Cash350
4h Nelson Check.png
Pretend to Be a Sitcom Dad Cash275
8h Simpson House Nope.png
Express his Rage Against Noobs Cash420
12h - Check.png
Fix Appliances with Axe Cash500
16h Simpson House Nope.png
Browse the Internet Cash600
24h Simpson House Nope.png

Limited Time

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Drink Craft Beer Cash175
4h O'Flanagan's Pub O'Flan-again Pt. 4/5 Nope.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Homer Barbarian is the only costume released with the Clash of Clones 2014 Event that could not be upgraded.
  • Homer Barbarian is the first costume made for a limited time character.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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