The Homer's House of Cards is a limited-time building released on March 13th, 2016, as part of the Burns' Casino 2016 Event. It is free to build and a card minigame can be played for event and crafting currency.

The other two minigames in this event are Gaming Moe's and Cletus's Dice Den.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Deal Cards - 60m

Event minigame Edit

Playing cards is easy and fast:

  1. Get Casino Tokens by tapping Casino Gamblers or completing 4 hour jobs at Burns' Casino.
  2. Tap Homer's House of Cards.
  3. Tap five of the ten cards shown.

Outcomes Edit

Hand Odds Reward
High Card 20% Casino Courtesy Chip1
One Pair 23.5% Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip70
Two Pair 13.5% Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip90
Three of a Kind 13.5% Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip110
Full House 10.75% Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip135
Four of a Kind 7.25% Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip200
Royal Flush 6.25% Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip250
Blackjack 3% Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip400
Royal Sampler 2.25% Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip400

Note: The game apparently does not produce the hands Flush, Straight, or Straight Flush.

For all outcomes, there is a chance of also receiving a bonus of two Keychains, Coasters, Martinis or Show Tickets.

The odds are an approximation based on 400 tries resulting in an average of 111.1 Chips per Game.

Cheats Edit

There is one way to cheat in this minigame, as indicated by the game itself. When cheating, the player receives the grand prize of Casino Green Chip/Casino Blue Chip400.

  • When your cards include an Ace, King and no other winning hand, Homer "flashes back" to his days as a Blackjack dealer and gives the player three new cards, which is guaranteed to pay the jackpot.
Woo Hoo! Blackjack!
— Homer, when this happens

Trivia Edit

  • The Homer's House of Cards Event takedown update gave it an income.

Gallery Edit

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