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The Holiday Wheel.

The Krusty’s Non-Denominational Holiday Giveaway Wheel! Brought to you by your mysterious friends at Claus Co.
Claus Co: the “I Wonder Why They’re Doing This” people.
— Krusty the Clown

The Krusty's Non-Denominational Holiday Giveaway Wheel (also known as Holiday Wheel or The Big Wheel) was a minigame which was introduced with the Christmas 2013 Event. This was a unique minigame that required a spin token to play. There were 10 sections in the wheel and wherever the wheel stopped determined which prize the player received, the hardest prizes to claim being the Snow Monster and Claus Co. Once the player won a prize it was removed from the wheel and a different prize from that section replaced it. When all the prizes in that section were obtained, Gift Cards or Cash were permanently in that section.

Many users believed that the wheel was rigged and they would never get low chanced prices; reference to this was made when the Wheel of Friendship came out and Krusty said, "The Wheel of Friendship! This one is only a little bit rigged," and also when the Destroyed Holiday Wheel was released the following year.

Spin tokensEdit

Spin tokens could have been collected in the following ways:

  • Once per day from the Egg Nog Bar
  • Purchased from the store with donuts
    • 1 spin token for 10 donuts
    • 3 spin tokens for 25 donuts
    • 10 spin tokens for 50 donuts
  • Found rarely in Presents 
  • Once all Personal Prizes are obtained, one token per every 1000 Gift Cards


Below is a list of all prizes which could have been won on the Holiday Wheel. Note that if the player already had an item, it was replaced by another prize from that section on the list. The odds were changed after a small update on January 10, 2014.

Prize in section

Chance of Winning
(before January 10)

Chance of Winning
(after January 10)

Claus Co
1.56% 5%
Snow Monster
1.68% 5%
Helter Shelter
2.25% 5%
Ice God
2.25% 6%
Mr. Plow
Plow King
5.05% 9%
Marge Snowman
Maggie Snowman
Homer Snowman
Snowball II Snowcat
13.48% 14%
Lisa Snowman
Grampa Snowman
Bart Snowman
Santa's Little Helper Snowdog
13.48% 14%
Christmas Flanders Home
Christmas Van Houten Home
Christmas White House
Christmas Muntz House
Christmas Skinner House
20.22% 14%
Christmas Brown House
Christmas Purple House
Christmas Pink House
Christmas Orange House
20.22% 14%
Christmas Simpsons Home
Christmas Cletus Farm
Christmas Blue House
Christmas Willie's Shack
Christmas Krabappel Apartment
20.22% 14%


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