Hex in the City is a Treehouse of Horror XXIV quest involving Suzanne the Witch.


Quest Requirements Time
Hex in the City Pt. 1 Make Homer Tempt the Witch with a Succulent Bart
Make Bart Be Tempting
Make Suzanne the Witch Be Tempted
Hex in the City Pt. 2 Make Suzanne the Witch Nanny for the Simpsons 24h
Hex in the City Pt. 3 Make Suzanne the Witch Magically Tidy Up Bart’s Room 60m
Hex in the City Pt. 4 Make Suzanne the Witch Rest in her Gingerbread House with a Migraine 8h
Hex in the City Pt. 5 Make Suzanne the Witch Go Bowling at Barney's Bowlarama 12h

Dialogue Edit

Hex in the City Pt. 1Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hm. Warty nose. Squinty eyes.  Out-of-date clothes. She must be a game developer."
Bart Icon "Dad, it’s that witch from the Enchanted Forest. She eats little children!"
Suzanne the Witch Sad Icon "Oh, not any more. I spent six months at a rehab center for fairy tale eating disorders, and I’m totally cured."
Suzanne the Witch Icon "Met a lot of nice bridge trolls there."
Homer Icon "You say you’re cured, but there’s only one way to be sure. Bart, try to get the witch to eat you."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Aha! I knew it! There are bite marks on Bart’s arm."
Bart Icon "Dad, you did that."
Homer Icon "Well, you really know how to make yourself look delicious."

Hex in the City Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Icon "Suzanne, what do you do for a living now that you’re out of the fairy tale business?"
Suzanne the Witch Icon "I’m a magical nanny! My friend Sharry Bobbins suggested it. She used to eat kids too."
Homer Icon "A nanny sounds great, but I’m not sure we can afford it. As it is we pay the babysitter by doing her homework."
Suzanne the Witch Icon "Oh, magical nannies don’t take money. Just some trifle or other… that is the most dear and precious thing to your heart! *evil cackling*"
Homer Icon "Boy, that cackling would sure cheer up the house. You’re hired!"

Hex in the City Pt. 3 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "Dad, I wanted a BOOKie, not a nanny."
Suzanne the Witch Icon "Don’t worry, Bart, we’ll have a wonderful time. Let’s start by cleaning up your room. It’ll be magically fun!"


Character Dialogue
Suzanne the Witch Sad Icon "Oh my god, I’ve never seen such filth. It took my darkest magic to clean it up."
Suzanne the Witch Icon "Still, now Bart’s room is tidy and… what?! It’s filthy again?! How did you do that so fast?"
Bart Icon "There is a darker power in the world than your magic. Ten year old boys."

Hex in the City Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Suzanne the Witch Sad Icon "That Bart is driving me crazy. Why did I ever take a job as his magical nanny? I’ve got to go home and rest."

Hex in the City Pt. 5 (only available if you have Barney's Bowlarama) Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Mom, Dad! Suzanne is trying to shove Bart in the oven."
Homer Icon "Now Lisa, She’s a professional. If she needs to give Bart a time out, let her."
Suzanne the Witch Sad Icon "I just couldn’t take it! The kid is driving me crazy! Six months of rehab ruined."
Homer Icon "I’m afraid we’ll have to fire you."
"We’ll write a letter of reference, but it’ll be one of those wishy-washy ones that doesn’t really say anything."
Suzanne the Witch Icon "Fine, I’ll go. But first you must pay me the thing most precious to your heart: your first-born son!"
Homer Icon "Well… he’s A thing that’s precious to my heart."
"But here’s THE thing."
Suzanne the Witch Icon "I gotta admit, it’s a pretty nice bowling ball."
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