Herman's Military Antiques is a war memorabilia store in downtown Springfield. It was released in May 2013 with the Level 30 update, and is the first of two level 30 buildings; the other being Zesty's. Upon completion of it, you will unlock Herman. It has a very similar sound to Moe's Tavern and Fort Sensible, both being a gun cocking.

Jobs InvolvedEdit


  • Run the Antique Shop - 8h
  • Mourn Americas Lost Greatness - 12h
  • Sell Counterfeit Jeans - 16h

Bart Simpson

  • Browse Herman's Military Antiques - 8h

Fat Tony

  • Buy Blunderbusses - 8h


  • Import Contraband Tobacco - 24h


  • Browse Herman's Military Antiques - 8h

Marge Simpson

  • Browse Herman's Military Antiques - 8h

Mayor Quimby

  • Buy Contraband Tobacco - 12h

Milhouse Van Houten

  • Browse Herman's Military Antiques - 8h

Selma Bouvier

  • Buy Contraband Tobacco - 12h


  • Read NRA Pamphlets - 24h

Adult Springfielders

  • Shop for loved ones - 6h (Single-Use)
  • Stampede Stores - 12h (Single Use)


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