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The Heck House was an alternative façade for the First Church of Springfield, which was available during the Treehouse of Horror XXIII Event in late 2012. It has since been available in each subsequent Treehouse of Horror Event as a premium item. For Devil Flanders to Inspect the Hell Labs you must have the façade on. If you have the façade but not switched to then he can't perform the job. Instead of a person coughing when tapped on, it lets out a scream.

Despite becoming premium it does not affect the income and experience payouts of the church, even when the façade is in use.

Simpsons Wiki Description[]

When Bart, Lisa, Milhouse and Nelson were terrorizing the Town with pranks (although Lisa was hardly involved), Ned Flanders attempted to stop the children's shenanigans by scaring them. He transformed the Church in to a "Heck-House". After failing to scare them, Ned Prayed to God for unholy powers, thus becoming Satan. He showed the kids what sins would send them to Hell, and what happens to Sinners when in hell.