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Hearts (Heartsicon) were a limited-time currency for the Valentine's Day 2014 Event, used for only one purpose: spinning the Wheel of Friendship. It took 200 Hearts to spin the Wheel.

Hearts were collected by doing Valentine related tasks, visiting neighbors or purchasing them in the store.

Residents with limited-time hearts jobs Edit

The following characters could earn hearts on certain jobs.

Resident Duration Description Reward Type
Marge (with Homer) 5h Go for a Romantic Stroll with Homer Heartsicon10, XP55 Limited time
Ned 6h Sing a Valentine's Ditty Heartsicon10, XP50 Limited time
Milhouse (with Lisa) 16h Follow and Stare at Lisa Heartsicon30, XP70 Limited time
Cletus' Farm 24h Grow Valentine's Roses Heartsicon50, XP100 Limited time

Neighbors Edit

Players could gain hearts by visiting neighbors and leaving cards. However, the amount of hearts a player would receive varied by how many actions they had done that day. After 300 actions the player could not be able to collect any more hearts from neighbors that day, this does not include actions in the players own town. This counter reset after 24 hours.

Number of actions Hearts received
1-30 Heartsicon5
31-60 Heartsicon4
61-90 Heartsicon3
91-120 Heartsicon2
121-300 Heartsicon1

Store Edit

Main article: Spins worth of Hearts

Hearts could be purchased in The Store for Donuts.

Number of spins Cost Cost of one spin
5 Spins worth of Hearts Donuts25 Donuts5
15 Spins worth of Hearts Donuts65 Donuts4.3
30 Spins worth of Hearts Donuts115 Donuts3.8

Gallery Edit

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