Have a Vice Day is a limited-time main quest line for Act 2 of the Burns' Casino 2016 Event. The first 9 parts were released on March 7, 2016; the final part and Stacking the Deck were released on March 13, 2016.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Have a Vice Day Pt. 1 Make Burns Go More Green 8h Casino Green Chip100
Have a Vice Day Pt. 2 Make Skinner Drink Absinthe
Make Krusty Watch a Sexy Floor Show
Make Comic Book Guy Gorge on Whale Sushi
Casino Green Chip100
Mr. Burns
Have a Vice Day Pt. 3 Make Marge Hallucinate on Absinthe
Make Lisa Snoop Around
Casino Green Chip100
Have a Vice Day Pt. 4 Make Burns Consider Hiring Homer
Make Homer Not Recognize Mr. Burns
Casino Green Chip100
Have a Vice Day Pt. 5 Make Homer Interview More Entertainers
Make Lance Murdock Do Stunts in the Cafeteria*
Casino Green Chip100
If the player has Princess Kashmir, the quest Exotic Entertainment starts
Have a Vice Day Pt. 6 Make Krusty Entertain Gamblers with Terrible Impressions 12h Casino Green Chip100
Have a Vice Day Pt. 7 Make Lisa Investigate Inside the Casino 8h Casino Green Chip100
Have a Vice Day Pt. 8 Make Marge Start "Gambling Anonymous" 8h Casino Green Chip100
Have a Vice Day Pt. 9 Make Apu Bleed Out in the Gift Shop 24h Casino Green Chip100
Have a Vice Day Pt. 10 Build Homer's House of Cards
Make Homer Deal Cards
Casino Green Chip100
Mr. Burns
Stacking the Deck Play Card Game - Casino Green Chip100

* Only appears if the player has Lance Murdock

Dialogue Edit

Have a Vice Day Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Smithers Icon Attention Burns Casino patrons. As of today, red chips will no longer be used.
Smithers Icon We are switching to green chips, as part of BurnsCo's drive to become more ”Green.”
Smithers Icon Also, when mixed with sweat the red dye on the old chips becomes a potent carcinogen.

Have a Vice Day Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon So many decorations and businesses are opening up around my casino. It's becoming quite a little “Vice-ville.”
Mr. Burns Icon A delightful locale for citizens to enjoy all the forbidden pleasures.
Mr. Burns Icon Gambling, drinking, baiting bears...
Lisa Icon What's fun about tormenting a living creature?
Mr. Burns Icon Don't knock it 'til you try it. Smithers! Hop around like a kangaroo until I'm amused.
Smithers Icon Yes sir.
Mr. Burns Icon See Lisa? Fun!

Have a Vice Day Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon There's something weird about Mr. Burns and his “Vice-ville.”
Homer Icon Lisa, can't an old man share what he loves: losing money on a casino?
Lisa Icon Exactly. Why would he do that? He's hiding something, and everyone who is against gambling needs to figure out what.
Lisa Icon Let's go, Mom.
Marge Icon With you in a minute. I'm trying absinthe.
Marge Icon It's pretty good.
Marge Icon Really good.
Marge Icon With you in a minute, Lisa. I'm talking to Mr. Toulouse-Lautrec.
Marge Icon Why yes, Mr. Lautrec, I *will* show you my ankles.

Have a Vice Day Pt. 4 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon Um, excuse me, Mr. Casino Owner? For years I've worshipped you from afar.
Homer Icon Now, I ask a favor. Can I come work for you?
Mr. Burns Icon You seem like a fine fellow. But you've never worked for me before?
Homer Icon I don't think so.
Mr. Burns Icon No, I don't think so either.
Smithers Icon Oh for heaven's sake, you've both known each other for years.
Homer Icon That doesn't sound right.
Mr. Burns Icon No, it really doesn't.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon Well Simpson, now that I've remembered who you are, I'm afraid there's no job at my casino for a man so witless and incompetent.
Mr. Burns Icon So get back to work at my nuclear plant!

Have a Vice Day Pt. 5 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lance Murdock Icon Say, Homer, which way to the stage? I'm doing a show!
Homer Icon I don't know, Lance. I'm not allowed to work here.
Mr. Burns Icon Wait a moment. You know this celebrity? I'm impressed!
Homer Icon I know an implausibly large number of celebrities.
Mr. Burns Icon Then you have the perfect qualifications to be my new Entertainment Coordinator!
Mr. Burns Icon Smithers, hire this man, and fire the old coordinator.
Gil Icon But I was just about to bring in a really great trick poodle act!
Gil Icon One poodle. Belongs to my wife. It sits up and begs. Most of the time.
System Message Check out Princess Kashmir and the Florence of Arabia club and see what other kinds of entertainment Homer cooks up!

Have a Vice Day Pt. 6 Edit

Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon Homer, you gotta hire me for the casino -- it's the sweetest job there is.
Krusty Icon I mean, look at Carrot Top. He got a gig at the Luxor and now he just phones it in all day to drunk tourists.
Homer Icon Sir, Carrot Top is my favorite performer. The way he smashes watermelons is sublime.
Krusty Icon You're thinking of Gallagher.
Homer Icon Comedy snob, huh? You're hired!

Have a Vice Day Pt. 7 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon Milhouse, I have to get inside that casino if I'm ever going to find out what Mr. Burns is up to.
Milhouse Icon But children aren't allowed in there. If we want to gamble we have to lie about our age online.
Lisa Icon Hey, Dad... can I have a “Take Your Kid To Work” Day?
Homer Icon Are you planning to cause trouble? You've never ask for Take Your Kid to Work days at the power plant.
Lisa Icon Um... me environmentalist. Nuclear bad. Me support Native Americans, they like casinos, casinos good...
Homer Icon Convincing. Utterly convincing.

Have a Vice Day Pt. 8 Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Icon I'm really worried about gambling fever taking over the town. How will this affect our bake sales, for example?
Marge Icon It's time to save our bake sales with an organization to cure this terrible addiction.
Marge Icon I got the idea from spending time in AA.
Marge Icon Absinthe Anonymous.
Skinner Icon Although Absinthe Anonymous is more about hanging out and sharing our love of absinthe.

Have a Vice Day Pt. 9 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon Apu, you also run the casino gift shop? Boy, you must really enjoy selling cigarettes and aspirin.
Apu Icon It's a terrible job. Mr. Burns has explicitly forbidden me to gouge!
Apu Icon He wants people to leave richer than they entered.
Lisa Icon But why? What is the secret behind Vice-ville?
Apu Icon Sshhh -- come into the back room.
Apu Icon I have one word for you: power.
Lisa Icon Power! Mr. Burns wants to rule Springfield!
Apu Icon No. It's dark here in the back room, so flip the switch and give the lights power.
Lisa Icon Fine. Lights on.
Apu Icon Great. Anyway, now I have one word for you: power.
Lisa Icon Okay, like I just said, Mr. Burns wants to take control of Springfield.
Apu Icon No, that is NOT what I mean. The secret behind this casino is-
Apu Icon -AARGHH!
Lisa Icon Oh no! Someone shot Apu just as he was about to reveal the truth. This IS a conspiracy.
Snake Icon Actually, this is just a robbery. Did I interrupt something?
System Message He did! Keep gambling until March 13th for the conclusion of this story.
System Message Will it be exciting? You bet! Meanwhile... You, bet.

Have a Vice Day Pt. 10 Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon Homer, you've been a fantastic entertainment coordinator.
Mr. Burns Icon The people you've hired are good enough to add that Las Vegas feeling, but crappy enough not to distract the gamblers.
Mr. Burns Icon As a reward, I'm giving you your own game to run.
Homer Icon Thank you, sir!
Homer Icon I was proud of hiring the clown.
Mr. Burns Icon Yes, he really amped up the crappy.
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