Happy Thanksgiving is a quest given to Player who logged into the game on Thanksgiving Day (November 28th 2013). This is the first holiday where a quest was given, during other holidays the player received a free item or donuts just for logging on.


Quest Requirements Time Reward
Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 1 Log into the game --- Donuts3
Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 2 Make Homer Reset the Clock on his myPad 8h Donuts3
Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 3 Make Homer Post his Hack on the Internet 60m Cash100
Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 4 Make Homer Reset the Clock on his myPad 45s Cash100


Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 1Edit

Happy Thanksgiving! Most people celebrate with turkey, but we’re celebrating with donuts.
— In Game Message

Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Oh my god! We got three donuts just because of what day it was?"
"I wonder if we could reset the clock on our device, then when the machine thinks it becomes today again, we’ll get another three donuts!"
Lisa Icon "Wouldn’t that be cheating?"
Homer Icon "No, cheating is when you press a bunch of buttons and get unlimited ammo. This is hacking!"


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "That took you a long time, Dad. Normally when you play with your myPad it’s just for a couple seconds."
Homer Icon "I know, but I get confused when I have to go into the settings menu. What the hell is a DHCP? And how much is it costing me to lease it?"
"The good news is I was able to reset the clock. Now the game will think it’s Thanksgiving again in 3…"
Happy Thanksgiving! Most people celebrate with turkey, but we’re celebrating with donuts.
— In Game Message
Homer Icon "Woo-hoo!"

Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "I can’t believe that trick worked. Now we can get unlimited donuts!"
Lisa Icon "But Dad, that would be unethical. Besides, wouldn't it ruin the fun of the game?"
Homer Icon "The fun of always having to wait 24 hours? The fun of not being able to afford things?"
"The fun of not being able to grow crops because my corn still needs 50 days?"
"Screw fun – I’ll take the unlimited donuts."
"And more importantly, I can post a video of me doing it on the Internet and get like a zillion views!"
"Finally people will realize I’m a genius at computering!

Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Wow Dad, your "How to get Unlimited Donuts" video is getting a lot of hits."
Homer Icon "I know. Move over "Puppy on a Piano" -- there's a new Most Watched Video in town!"
"I'm a Internet celebrity... and that never goes away!"
Lisa Icon "The only problem is, the popularity of your video is sure to attract the attention of EA."
Homer Icon "Uh..."
Lisa Icon "I bet they can put out a patch that fixes that problem pretty quickly."
Homer Icon "Uh..."
Lisa Icon "In fact, I bet they're doing it right now."
Homer Icon "AUGHHH!!! Where's my myPad?! I've got to get my donuts!"


Character Dialogue
Gil Icon "Hey folks, Thanksgiving's over! Which means it's a salesman's favorite of days... Black Friday."
Homer Icon "Oh no, they fixed my hack. And even worse, Gil's here. I hate this stupid game!"
Lisa Icon "There's probably a lesson to be learned in here about cheating."
Homer Icon "There sure is. If you do it, don't post it online until you've fully exploited it for yourself."
Lisa Icon "That's not what I meant."
Homer Icon "I wonder if I could have still selected "Reset the Clock" from my job list when my quest was "Post Hack on the Internet"?"
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